What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the ski season. It’s an opportunity to eat lots of good food and to take a moment to reflect on the things you are grateful for. Here, at Local Freshies, we thought it would be cool to join in the holiday spirit and give thanks…of course there are real world […]

Split it

Another winter is upon us.  With a promising early season the stoke is off the charts. Snow enthusiasts everywhere have a hopeful glimmer in their eye. Excitement of the adventures that lay ahead are almost uncontrollable. Speaking of adventures they range from improving your personal best, trying new tricks to going extreme. The sky is […]

Open Sesame!

In the Tahoe Basin and around the country, the snow has started to fly and the stoke is high! Snow enthusiasts have been super gripped by the talks of a “Monster El Niño” and early season snow only adds fuel to the fire. Could this be the season of all seasons…could it be one of […]

The End

Over the years a lot of movies and books I have read changed how I think or look at things in life. For example the classic book The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, detailing how the immigrants in the stockyards of Chicago were exploited to films like Food, Inc., which highlights the unethical practices of Monsanto. […]

Tis the season

With winter fast approaching or already here it’s time to awake that brain of yours and freshen up your backcountry safety skills. More and more snow enthusiasts are venturing out of bounds and it’s essential to make sure you are equipped with the proper knowledge to do so. Think about it, you wouldn’t venture out […]

Santa Fe – A great option for an El Niño Winter

When someone says the word New Mexico thoughts of amazing cuisine, beautiful architecture, and a serene desert landscape present themselves. Skiing and/or snowboarding typically don’t cross ones mind when discussing the “Land of Enchantment.” But with this winter being classified as a monster El Nino, New Mexico should be at the top of the list. Of course […]