The 5 Best Pole Pedal Paddle Events in North America

As soon as you hear the words “triathlon”, you think of swimming, biking and running. What if you’re a mountain man or woman? These are fun activities but they don’t show the true breadth of mountain athleticism. This is where the Pole, Pedal, Paddle comes in. It’s a REAL mountain triathlon! Athletes start on skis, […]

2nd Annual Triple Plank Contest – The Ultimate Day

What is the perfect day in your eyes? Sure, you could lounge around in flip flops drinking some kind of sugary drink but that’s so… boring. Why not live by the words CARPE DIEM! Simply put, seize the day! That’s what the Triple Plank Contest is all about coming up on the first weekend in […]

Closing Day at Sierra-at-Tahoe… One for the Ages

What makes a legendary day on the slopes? For us, it comes down to three things: great snow, positive vibes and most of all empty slopes. A tough trifecta to get in Lake Tahoe. But, closing day at Sierra-at-Tahoe was one of those special moments. Nearly 15 inches of cold snow fell overnight plus highs […]

Alpine Meadows – My New Happy Place

I still vividly remember visiting Alpine Meadows Resort for the first time. The year was 1998 and not just my first time… it was also the first-time snowboarding was allowed at the resort. A good enough reason to visit Lake Tahoe for me! Memories of the topography were burned into my brain. It rode like […]

5th Annual Rally For Rocker

People come and people go in this world. Some you meet and some pass by seemingly unnoticed. There are those destined for greatness and others that barely leave their mark. Yet, we are all intertwined in this web we call life. To me, it isn’t about what you do or gain for yourself. It’s more […]

Last Call At Kirkwood… Earn Your Turns Season Is Upon Us

How do traditions start? On purpose or by accident? For Shane and I, shredding every year on Kirkwood’s closing day is totally by chance. While most are focused on opening day, we both try to ride until the last day the lifts are spinning. The snowpack is deep, the sun is warm, the crowds are […]

Would You Pay More To Preserve The Powder?

If you haven’t heard, Powder Mountain in Utah, affectionately known as “Pow Mow”, has a limit of season passes sold for the 2018/19 ski season. This got us thinking… wouldn’t it be great if the larger resorts in densely populated regions like Lake Tahoe and Colorado had a cap just like that? It may not […]

JAWS… Couloir That Is

The Adventure Begins at 3 AM The alarm sounds. It’s still dark and really early. I mean really, really early. Try 3 AM early. Instant reflexes almost make me slap the snooze button. Not today though. I’m excited to be getting up at this hour. A couple of friends and I have an adventure planned […]