Black Velvet Coffee

Black Velvet Coffee Mammoth Lake California

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Monday – Sunday: 6:45 AM – 9 PM


3343 Main St
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546



Toomey’s is cool if you want a good bite to eat on your way down from the mountain or staying near Mammoth Village. Stellar Brew is an awesome joint filled with great café food and an amazing patio. The one spot that seems to do things a bit differently is Black Velvet Coffee. With its modern décor it could exist in any major city, but at the same time had the style of Mammoth.

Big City Amenities In A Mountain Town

Black Velvet Coffee Mammoth Lake California
Photo by: Local Freshies®

Pulling up to the counter you’ll be shocked to hear that they do pour over and immersion methods to get a cup of ‘jo. Having never tried the immersion method that was the option we took. Creamier than a pour over and more like a refined French press it was simply fantastic! The next thing we were impressed by is that there is only one size of Cappuccino. This tells you they’re serious about their craft. If you like coffee you’ll love this place. If you aren’t a coffee drinker they also have a good selection of beer and wine as well.