The Outer Clove

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Tuesday – Sunday: 11 am – 9 pm


536 Stanley St,
Nelson, BC V1L 1N1


How To Keep Vampires Away

Have you ever heard of a restaurant dedicated to all-things Garlic? I haven’t either! The Outer Clove, obviously named this because the joint serves primarily garlic inspired recipes. This one is for the garlic lover in you! Entrees on the menu were named by taking common phrases and adding a twist to them related to the food. For example, Chicken Cordon Clove is a Chicken Cordon Bleu that is garlic infused. Appetizer fans, be sure to check out Beyond Inner & Outer Cloves. It is a fresh take on your normal Charcuterie plate. Containing whole roasted garlic heads, a generous wedge of baked brie, grilled local artisan sausage, and Parisian bread this is definitely a great option for your last appetizer on earth. For a main course the “Shanks for the Memories” was astounding. It is a lamb served over a bed of rice pilaf along with seasonal vegetables. The meat literally falls off the bone as the juices mix with the rice pilaf for a delightful cleanup bite.