Are you the best backcountry skier or snowboarder in North America?

Prove it at the Cold Smoke Powder Fest!

What and where is this you ask? It’s a festival with four different competitions held at Whitewater Ski Resort. Each year 40 feet of fluffy pow graces this place and makes it the perfect locale for such an event. Contestants battle it out to solidify who is the best backcountry skier/snowboarder in North America. So, how do you prove you’re the best of the best?

Mt Ymir at Whitewater Ski Resort - perfect terrain for a slopestyle competition

Mt. Ymir, Whitewater Ski Resort

By lighting it up in the following events:

Valhalla Pure Powderkeg Slopestyle –

This is not your typical X-Game’s slope style competition. Instead of manufactured jumps Whitewater uses its intense natural terrain. The objective…show your style during the run and of course huck a few cliffs to really make your mark!

ROAM Randonnee rally –

Maybe you can alpine ski but the real question is, how are your backountry skills This one is a true test that uses all of the skills needed in the backcountry. Start by skinning up nearly 5,000 vertical feet to the first checkpoint. Take off the skins for a short decent. Then the skins go back on and back up the hill to the second checkpoint. Are you done?!? Nope, you need to go down again and back up! Finally, after multiple climbs it’s time to race down the mountain, to the finish. With multiple options like a shorter course or with a partner this event can fit any level of mountaineers that exist.

Poker Run –

After a grueling rally of skinning and skiing it’s time to have a little fun. The Poker Run fits this requirement to a tee. A unique touring race. This time you’ll need plenty of luck and skill to win. Partner up and tour your way across the course. Along the trail there are five checkpoints. Contestants stop at each one to pick up a playing card. The fastest team gets a wild card. Best poker hand wins!

North Face Backcountry Olympics –

Last, but not least the Backcountry Olympics. The pinnacle event of the festival. This is the greatest event for any avid backcountry skier/snowboarder. It begins with putting on your skins or snowshoes and then following the course up to the beacon search area. From there, the team will search for up to 10 beacons. Once all are found it’s time to rescue and evacuate the buried person. The team then constructs a toboggan using only gear in their packs. Hopefully, it’s well-built because one of the contestants will be a ‘patient’ that must be taken to the bottom of the course. At the bottom it is up to your team to make a fire, cook an egg, and of course eat it. Fast, furious, and incredibly exciting!!!

King and Queen of Cold Smoke Powder Fest –

Of course such an amazing event would not be complete without a King and Queen. The man and woman who enter all four events and have the highest combined score will be crowned King and Queen of Cold Smoke!

Tons of sidecountry available at Whitewater Ski Resort

Sidecountry for days at Whitewater Ski Resort

On top of the wickedest events you’ve ever seen the Cold Smoke Powder Fest also has other activities for everyone. Here are some highlights:

Over 30+ clinics

  • Throughout the weekend clinics ranging from splitboarding, alpine skiing, and tele-mark will help improve your technique on inbounds to out of bounds terrain.
  • On top of it, these courses will be hosted by some of the greatest free-skiers and snowboarders in the business such as: Logan Peyotah, Allison Ganett, John Buffrey, and many more!

Social Events

  • On Friday Night, with the support from the Kootenay Culture Magazine everyone will have the opportunity to see the “best of” the Coldsmoke Winter Film Tour
  • Saturday Night – Backcountry – Buff-EH – After multiple days of competing it’s time to celebrate!!! Whitewater ski resort is world renown for their food and have a 4-time national best-selling cookbook courtesy of Shelley Adams. What better than to have Whitewater ski resort host the event! This will be a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

This isn’t just an event, but an entire culture.

To check out more about this great festival, click here or check out our calendar here:

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