Bird Flu Crew & Future Freeheel World Premiere – You should’ve been there!

South Lake Brewing Movie Premiere

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Like an atmospheric river hitting Lake Tahoe, a ski/snowboard movie premiere needs all the elements to align perfectly for it to become not just a good show but a great one. Last Friday, the Tahoe premiere of Transworld Snowboarding’s Arcadia alongside Bird Flu Crew – the Movie and Future Freeheel was one of those epic moments you had to be there to experience it.

South Lake Brewing Company – The right venue for any major event

This could not have happened without the right location. A venue is key to make people feel comfortable and really enjoy the moment. South Lake Brewing Company went out of their way to make sure that happened. From showcasing a local clothing dealer, Tahoe Heartbeat, to having the High on Food food truck serve some of the best bites for any movie premiere I’ve ever been to, it was above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

So, what made the premiere awesome?

The Bird Flu Crew introducing their newest film

With not just one film but FOUR off the hook flicks premiering in the same night, the foundation was set. It was left to the community to show up and boy did they ever! The place was packed to the gills with standing room only. It was so crammed that folks showing up fashionably late had to wait in line until someone left! As soon as we put on the first film, you could feel the positive energy flowing in the room. Every big trick stomped and pow shot taken had the crowd roaring in excitement like it was the World Series.

Future Freeheel & Bird Flu Crew – The Movie stole the show

We could tell everyone enjoyed the main feature, but the two local Tahoe films brought the house down. Every large trick (which there were many) in Bird Flu Crew – The Movie made the crowd erupt like it was a home run or a game winning shot in the playoffs. The biggest moment of the night though was Ty Dayberry’s closing segment. As he slowly took turn after turn of powder shots, he suddenly straightened out and leapt off a monster-size cliff. Ty floated in the air for what seemed like an eternity… the crowd holding its breathe wondering what was going to happen. With a big *POOF*, he stomped the landing flying all the way to the bottom. The entire room burst out in a thunderous roar of approval.

The Sierra Avalanche Center – Raffle – An uplifting story

Finishing off the evening was the raffle with all proceeds going to the Sierra Avalanche Center. Donating for a great cause is typically the best part, but sometimes the person who wins a raffle item has a special, personal moment as well. The story of the night was a young lady who won not one but THREE of the coats. With tears of joy in her eyes she came up to us and said, “I gave away all my stuff last season and realized I didn’t even own a coat for this winter. So, I put my last $40 of budgeted “fun” money into this raffle and won! I’ve never owned this many coats in my life. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.”

As she walked away reality hit hard. Living in a ski-town is a challenge and yet these people gave to a cause that they believe in. It made us feel good to know that this wasn’t just a movie premiere but a celebration for the entire town.

Like they always say the day after a powder day, “You should’ve been there. It was off the chain!”

Both the Bird Flu Crew – the Movie and Future Freeheel are available to see online below:

Again, huge thanks to all of our sponsors for this stop:

Shoreline of Tahoe

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