Step Up Your Sledding & Try One Of These Luge Tracks

Muskegon Winter Sports Complex Luge Image appears courtesy: Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

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For many of us snowsports enthusiasts, the first taste of gliding down a slope came in the form of a sled. The cold brisk air hitting our rosy cheeks as we glided effortlessly to the bottom. For those looking to recapture that childhood moment or maybe even beat Clark Griswold’s record in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, here’s some of the best luge tracks in the U.S. you can try out. This is your chance to learn how to luge and maybe kick-start those Olympic aspirations.


Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Muskegon, Michigan

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Image appears courtesy: Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Located in Muskegon’s state park, its 850’ length is one of the only permanent winter luge tracks out there. Designed by three-time Olympian Frank Masley, anyone over the age of eight can hurl themselves down the track. For $55, you’ll get a 2 ½ hour session that includes instruction, gear and up to six runs if you hustle.

Wasatch Luge Club

Park City, Utah

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Wasatch Luge Club Utah Olympic Park
Image appears courtesy: Wasatch Luge Club

For those looking for a break in between the awe-inspiring slopes surrounding Park City, you may want to head over to the Utah Olympic Park. As part of the Wasatch Luge Club, you can register for one of their beginner opportunities. For $90, this program covers the cost of the track fee, instruction, equipment and a one-year membership to the Wasatch Luge Club.

Note: These sell out fast, so you plan ahead, far in advance!

Upper Peninsula Luge Club

Negaunee, Michigan

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Upper Peninsula Luge Club
Image appears courtesy: Upper Peninsula Luge Club

The UP, as it’s known by Michiganders, is a place that embraces winter. It makes sense since the first snows typically come in November and stays through at least the end of March. Such a consistent winter allows them to have the ONLY NATURAL full-length luge in the U.S. (known as Naturbahn). All you have to do is show up dressed appropriately and you’re in. No reservations are required but are recommended.


Adirondack Luge Club

Lake Placid, New York

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Image appears courtesy: Adirondack Luge Club

Located next to the largest vertical drop on the East Coast, Whiteface Mountain itself is an attraction to check out. But for those with Olympic desires or just wanting to experience the fastest sport on ice, you’re in luck. For a modest track fee of $40 for adults, you’ll receive instruction, outfitted with a helmet and given a sled. Then you’ll drop into the famed Lake Placid Olympic luge track and feel the rush of adrenaline as you reach a top speed of 30 mph.


One-Time Luge Challenge Sites

Image by: Robin Lubbock/WBUR

While the above tracks are available to enjoy all season long, there are a few created as part of the USA Luge Challenge to introduce the sport to thousands of fans nationwide. Here’s the first 2 locations that have been chosen.

Wachusett Ski Area
Princeton, MA
March 12-13 2022

Titletown Winter Games
Green Bay, WI
February 19-20 2022

Be sure to check in frequently on the USA Luge Challenge site to see if they’ll be coming to your neck of the woods.

Au Natural – Luge Sledding In The Loup

Learn more about the Bear Mountain Luge Experience

For those looking for a more natural experience, you may want to head to Loup Loup Ski Area and try their luging experience. Less olympic-style and more like what you find in Europe. Instead of banked turns, you’ll find existing non-banked groomed trails. As they say – it’s easy to learn, challenging to master, and exciting to ride.

As 2022 kicks into gear, it’s high-time to try something new. Why not experience the aptly trademarked Fastest Sport on Ice® and visit one of these luge tracks here in the U.S.

Not extreme enough for you? You may want to try your hand at the crazy sport of “Jack Jumping.”

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