“The important things in life are unsayable,

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so let’s just live it out and see what we find behind the curtains in front of the big game we are all playing.”

Andreas Fransson 2011

JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson confirmed dead in avalanche…

Today is the anniversary of JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson being confirmed dead from an avalanche in Chile.  The pair were in Patagonia on Monday September 29th, 2014, climbing Monte San Lorenzo, a 12,159-foot summit when an avalanche was triggered and swept them away.  Both were there documenting their adventures for a video series, “Apogee Skiing”, set to drop in the fall of 2014.

Fransson, an extreme skier, writer, philosopher and lover of life is most known for his first descents.  His tally includes first descents in six countries over the last three years.  Probably most notable, was the first descent on Denali’s south face in 2011.  This was not Fransson’s first experience in an avalanche.  Many remember 2010 in Chamonix, where he was caught in a slide that broke his neck and nearly took his life.

Auclair started in ski competitions.   He later became known for pioneering modern day freeskiing.  He was always known for his fluid style on a pair of skis.  I still remember seeing him for the first time in Warren Miller’s “Storm.”  I was awed by his style and prowess.  Fast forward to last year’s Sherpa Cinemas “Into the Mind.”  Even though time had passed he was still laying down lines that will be talked about forever.

There is never a great way to document events like this, but these two deserve not to be forgotten.  There are lessons to be learned and paths to follow.  Most of us will not become extreme sports superstars, make lots of money and travel the world.  What can be learned is to enjoy every moment you have.  Don’t waste time on the negative…let it go and move forward.  Spend time and energy with people or on things that really matter.  Do as these two did, leave your mark…

That being said I leave you with this.

I’ve learnt a few things the last few months; Life goes on and how we want it to go on is a choice and even if we want to escape, there is no-where to escape so we might as well make right now awesome.

Andreas Fransson

Go live your life.


In Memory of

Andreas Fransson 04/15/83 – 09/29/14

J.P. Auclair 08/22/77 – 09/29/14


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