Deschutes Brewery

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Monday – Sunday: 11 am – 11 pm (Public House)
Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5 pm (Brewery)
Saturday – Sunday: 12 am – 5 pm (Brewery)


Public House
1044 NW Bond St.
Bend, OR 97703

Brewery - Tasting Room
901 SW Simpson Ave
Bend, OR 97702


Old Faithful

Last but never least, the whole beer craze in Bend started because of this brewery. There are two Deschutes locations to check out. First, the brewery itself has an amazing tasting room filled with so many choices plus a few you’ve never seen. This is the perfect place for someone who wants to try their wide palette of flavors and then hone in on which ones are their favorites. Deschutes even has brewery tours if you like the science and process behind the ‘art of the brew’. Finally, if your looking to hang out and chill, the brewpub in the center of Bend will be your best bet. Don’t worry, they’ll actually have a few beers you’ve never seen before (not even at the tasting room) or they’ll have a twist on one of the old favorites. A great example of this is their famous Red Chair beer. The brewpub may put it on Nitro, which is WAY different than it normally is served. The menu is also no slouch.   You might want a snack with your beer or to eat dinner and either choice is a good one.