Snake River

Snake River Image Taken by Hans Dieter Vesely

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When the snowpack recedes with the summer melt, it means the rivers begin to rise and whitewater rafting season begins!

Where Whitewater Rafting Began

A quick history lesson…this activity started as a way to explore unknown rivers and the areas that surround them. The first rafting trip happened in 1811 on the Snake River through Wyoming and Idaho. The equipment at the time made it too difficult to navigate the entire river. In 1840 the Rubber Raft was invented by Lt. John Fremont and Horace H. Day. With this new invention on June 9th, 1840 a successful scientific exploration of the Snake River was led by Clyde Smith.

Nowadays, it’s not about exploration. It’s all about fun. Rafting has become another fun way to experience the mountains. All adventure seekers must give this a try! All adventure seekers must give this a try! Below are some popular rafting destinations in the U.S.

Snake River – Idaho

Class III & Class IV

Nothing compares to rafting Hells Canyon in Idaho. This is the home of the mighty Snake River and the deepest gorge in North America. The river marks the border between Idaho and Oregon. The canyon plunges to depths of nearly 8,000 feet between the Seven Devils range to the east and Oregon’s rim country to the west. Through this tremendous gorge, the Snake River’s warm, clear waters yield some of the best big waves and whitewater rapids in the Northwest. There are also great fishing opportunities in calmer sections. The Snake River serves up one of the best river experiences in the country!