Skis Made by Locals 4 Locals – 2017 Edition

Skiing has been around for nearly five thousand years in some form or fashion. Europe might be the birthplace of modern skiing, but by the 1880’s, the Norwegian immigrants in Wisconsin and Minnesota quickly figured out with easier access to lumber stocks, they could make excellent quality hickory skis cheaper than their friends back in […]

Trick or Treat?!? First resort in Lake Tahoe opens today!

The talk about last season has been like a broken record. Things like “You should’ve been here!” or “Aw man! I can’t believe how much snow we got last year!” are being uttered by everyone. Can you blame folks for still talking about it? After four bad winters, including one of the worst seasons in […]

California Avalanche Workshop 2017 Recap

Around this time of year, the snow has begun to fall but not enough to ski except for the most dedicated. For the backcountry community in Lake Tahoe, the California Snow & Avalanche Workshop has become the kickoff for the upcoming season. It’s an opportunity for all winter sports enthusiasts to catch up with each […]

Snowboards Made by Locals for Locals – 2017 Edition

There is something very spiritual about spending time in the mountains, especially during winter. The clean cold air and a board attached to your feet, allowing you to slide down a slope gives a sense of pure freedom. For us, that spiritual feeling extends to what equipment we purchase. Knowing that a snowboard was made […]

Bringing the fun back to skiing – Academy of Skiing

Fall is a great time for you to prepare your mind, body and soul for the upcoming ski & snowboard season. We stoked the fire of excitement by talking about the new ski & snowboard films coming out and where they’re premiering. From there, we delved into the snow and avalanche workshops happening across the […]

Backcountry skiing Lookout Pass – A Great Introduction for Beginners

WOOSH. The curtains swing open exposing a white winter wonderland. Massive flakes plummet to the ground at a solid pace. Today is going to be epic backcountry skiing Lookout Pass! Long before our Idaho arrival, we researched the terrain and its snowpack for access. Every season has its share of good and bad days, but […]

2017-18 Ski & Snowboard Movie Film Tours

Just when you thought this fall’s lineup of independent ski & snowboard movie premieres was a little light, out of nowhere a flood of ski movie tours have released their schedules. From Faction Skis to Travis Rice’s newest flick, the tour front has exploded! But, we know how painful it is for you to try […]