Christmas Shredfest

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The yuletide is here. For most, this is a time of celebration. A time to relax and enjoy the company of our loved ones. Generally, images of Christmas bring to mind being cozy and comfy indoors, surrounded by presents, good food and good cheer. Sounds really nice, doesn’t it? It’s almost like a picturesque celebration for the holiday. Not so fast! Why not adopt a new tradition? How about hitting the slopes on Christmas Day? To me, nothing sounds better! I think Christmas is the best day to play in the snow. If you are listening but aren’t quite sold, let’s convince you.

Reasons To Get After It On Christmas Day!


Christmas day generally consists of cramming a few thousand calories in your face followed by visits from friends and family. Some are welcomed and others not so much…. like Cousin Eddie, if you catch my drift. In this case, you have to go ride. You need to loosen up, jump-start your metabolism and clear your head. There’s no better way to make sure your mind and body are aligned and ready for the big day’s festivities!

Skiing On Christmas Day
Jaime enjoying the powder day on Christmas 2016


Everyone wants a white Christmas, this is true. It’s all good and I’m right there with them. The only question is why? For the looks? No way! No matter what the day, when I see a fresh coat of snow, I don’t dream of sugar plums dancing. I dream of face-shots, knee deep pow, and floating effortlessly turn after turn! Since Mother Nature has blessed most of us with snow this year, we should put it to good use! After you spend the day ripping it up, then you can sit back, starring out the window as you reminisce.

What People?

Although the week after the holidays is the busiest time of year at the resort, Christmas day is by far the least crowded day to ski or ride on the planet! Why? Believe it or not, many don’t consider riding or skiing on Dec. 25th. Whether they can’t fit it in their schedule, their pass is blacked out or they just don’t think about it, nobody shows up. This gives you no lift lines and a whole mountain to yourself.

Good Vibes


The next reason… you owe it to the resort staff! I know this is a touchy issue, so I’ll try to tread lightly. A lot of people feel negatively about companies making their employees work on Christmas. While I see the argument, think of it a different way. The staff understands this is a requirement of the position when they take the job. Knowingly accepting, this means they made a conscious decision and are okay with it (to a degree). So, if you don’t show up, it’s all for nothing so to speak. They are essentially standing out in the snow and cold with nothing to do for eight hours. This year, pay them a visit and you’ll find good spirits and high stoke!


SMYes, the resorts are open and they know many aren’t going to show up. They are a business though. What is the purpose of a business? To get customers. What do they do to entice patrons to show up? They sweeten the deal! There are lots of places to go online for good deals, but Liftopia has some of the best deals around. The only catch… you have to buy a day in advance. Lucky for you, there is still time if you buy today! These could be the cheapest deals you will find all season. Take advantage of it!

These are just a few of the reasons we ride on Christmas. There are many others and all are equally legit. Take a chance this year. Start a new holiday tradition!

From us at Local Freshies®, we wish you a Merry Christmas and the best in the coming New Year!

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