Alex Hall Signature Series – Dragon Alliance X Spyder Eyewear Collab

Alex Hall Signature Series Spyder Eyewear Dragon Alliance Collab Photo by: Local Freshies®

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Quality goggles and sunglasses aren’t cheap. A lot of technology and research goes into making a pair. If you only ski a handful of days or live in a place that doesn’t get a ton of sun, the budget friendly varieties will do the job. On the other side of the spectrum, if you do ski A LOT, it’s a good idea to pick up a high quality pair of ski goggles. The one thing that has always bothered me with the hefty price tag for a premium set is how cookie cutter the offerings are. You’re spending a ton so why look like everyone else? That’s why when he heard about the Dragon Alliance & Spyder Eyewear Collab to create an Alex Hall Signature Series Goggles AND Sunglasses, we couldn’t be more excited. Best part? The goggle he chose is budget friendly too!


Who Is Alex Hall?

No matter what sport or activity you do, getting the opportunity to design a product to sell takes A LOT of hard work and grit to get there. You need to create a name big enough that companies are willing to take a chance on you. Alex Hall has put in the time and built a reputation as one of the kings in the Freestyle skiing world. He’s podiumed at the X-Games three years in a row (including a few Golds) and represented the US in the 2018 Winter Olympics. That would normally be enough, but he’s pushed himself creatively in the ski film world as well with some big banger parts over the past few years. Don’t believe us? Check out his segment from The Faction Collective film:


How Spyder Eyewear Line Started

Since the beginning, the Spyder brand has focused on ski racing. In their words, “for racing, by racers.” Over the years, they’ve expanded their product line from just ski wear to include things like the Spyder Eyewear line. Back in 2020, Spyder partnered with Alex Hall and the and US Ski & Snowboard team to create their first ever Spyder Eyewear line. That year’s sunglasses included functionality such as interchangeable polarized, ion mirrored and UV protection lenses on the SP6015 model. A plastic lanyard extends out of the frames and connects with a magnet on the SP6006. These items help not just with those warm sunny days of spring skiing but also in other activities such as fly fishing, which Alex Hall does a ton of in the summer.

Spyder Eyewear’s First Collab Ever With Dragon Alliance

Spyder Eyewear Alex Hall Sunglasses
Photo by: Local Freshies®

For this year, the partnership with Alex Hall has gone to the next level. Instead of just a pair of sunglasses, Spyder Eyewear has reached out to Dragon Alliance to also create a ski goggle to match this year’s sunglasses, making an Alex Hall Signature Series. In Alex’s words:

“I’m really excited about this collection with Spyder, especially because eyewear is such a staple for me,” said Alex Hall. “I worked with the design team to create these styles and I think they did an awesome job incorporating my design inspirations into the goggles and frames.”


The Sunglasses

Side of Spyder Eyewear Alex Hall Sunglasses
Photo by: Local Freshies®

Alex Hall’s sunglasses use the Spyder SP6025 frame. The design is a lightweight semi rim-less shield. Meaning that the bottom of the lens doesn’t have a frame except for the comfy nosepiece. The actual lenses are ion mirrored that provide 100 percent UV protection. The arm’s exterior features what looks like an ode to an old-school ski sweater pattern. And on the inside, you’ll see Alex Hall’s signature. Even on my large head, they fit comfortably and snugly. The tint is dark enough to protect you from the sun’s rays but not so much that if you do go into a shaded area, you have to take them off. Based on its construction, these would work well mountain biking, hiking, or just plain ole fashioned spring skiing.

The Goggles

Dragon Alliance Alex Hall Goggles NFX Signature Series
Photo by: Local Freshies®

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve become BIG fans of everything Dragon makes. We use their sunglasses for mountain biking, and we liked them so much we even did a review of their product line. In the snowy months, the other half of Local Freshies can’t live without her Dragon X2 goggles. For the Alex Hall Signature Series, he chose the NFX frame. These bad boys (or girls) are big and bold just like his skiing style. The frameless style provides you an ample lens size ensuring you see every bit of powder to slash. On the back, the sturdy and stiff frame will allow you to enjoy these for a few seasons. Finally, combine that with the ski sweater design on the band and you got yourself an affordable option that looks awesome too.


Not Just The Only Signature Series

dragon goggles brian iguchi
Photo by: Local Freshies®

Dragon understands that people want options. They don’t just want black, brown, or wait for it… more black. Alongside the Alex Hall Signature Series for skiers, they also provide other options. This includes an assortment of other signature models like the Bryan Iguchi PXV Model and Forest Bailey NFX2. If you’re picking up a new goggle, we suggest skipping the dull colors and pick something bold. Something provocative. Something you!

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