Higher – Movie Premier and Review

Higher Premier – A star studded event filled with excitement and heart felt moments

On a cool evening at Squaw Valley a 1,000+ filled into the KT base camp for the world premier of “Higher”, the final chapter of the TGR trilogy.  On the way in, Jeremy Jones was signing autographs, and pushing the P.O.W. agenda (that we all support) to the next generation.

Jeremy in the Protect Our Winters tent signing autographs.

Jeremy in the Protect Our Winters tent signing autographs.

As the sunlight began to fade and anticipation began to build, everyone looked up towards the tram face and noticed the silhouette of “Jeremy Jone’s Higher”.  The man of the hour grabbed the mic and began to speak… In hushed tones everyone listened intently to the founding father of free riding speak about his experiences making the film and thanking the many people that helped fulfill his dream.

The crowd was filled with the biggest names in snowboarding, such as Ryland Bell, Danny Davis, Eric Jackson, and Bryan Iguchi.

Different from the first two movies, this film seemed more like a retrospect of his entire life. You are taken back to Massachusettes where it all began. TGR really did a great job showing how snowboarding shaped his life and was his passion.  There was still the high level of riding you would expect, but now it seemed more like a look back at how he got there not just the next big mountain.

Higher was more than just an action/sports movie. Jeremy had several quotes that really gave you something to think about. Here are just a few.

  • It’s not just about standing on the highest peak or not about the descent. It’s really about the journey, the emotions and the people you meet along the way.
  • 72 hours is my city max…after that I need to leave and be in the mountains.
  • My kids need to see people livin’ life and drinking life up to it’s fullest!

Needless to say the film did not disappoint. It not only delivered the gnarliest lines that anyone would ever hope to see in a lifetime, but it closed  a chapter for Jeremy and issued a challenge to viewers…The challenge wasn’t to the extreme, but to simply LIVE life!

As soon as you get a chance, view the film and be inspired!


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