What Does The Local Freshies Cabin Logo Mean?

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Our goal at Local Freshies is to make people feel like they have a local connection in every ski-town they visit. To give them an opportunity to experience what locals get to enjoy every day! When designing our cabin logo we tried to symbolize our favorite elements and stay true to the Local Freshies theme.

The Cabin – Home Away From Home.

Nothing symbolizes comfort like a cozy cabin in the mountains. The cabin with its smoking chimney and glowing windows makes you feel at home.  There’s no place better to be after a long day outdoors in the mountains.

The Mountains – A place to experience new adventures and to relax.

The mountains are a getaway. While there, you can truly let go and escape from the stressors of everyday life. The sun setting behind it doesn’t represent the end of the day, but rather another beginning. The second half of the days brings a chance to make new memories and explore local spots.

The Snowflakes – A chance for more…

What could possibly make time in the mountains more exciting. Fresh powder! Whether sitting inside watching through the window or outside experiencing it first hand.  Snow always makes any day better!

2 thoughts on “What Does The Local Freshies Cabin Logo Mean?

  1. You pretty much nailed it. Love the logo and all it represents. We have a cabin in Central Oregon and this logo depicts everything I love about the area – my home away from home.

    1. Thanks Natalia for the kind words. That’s awesome that you are living & breathing what this logo represents. We are always on the lookout for any local spots in ski-towns throughout North America. Keep us in mind if you find a place that we should highlight on our next trip up there. Have an amazing summer and an epic winter.

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