Growing with Mr. Plant – Review of the Premier at Squaw Valley


The showing of Mr. Plant at Squaw Valley went off just how one would imagine!

Red Bull DJ Truck

Red Bull DJ Truck

Snowboarding has always been considered the wild child of snow sports. Squaw being well aware of this fact made a wise decision and held the premier just down the road from the main village at the Olympic Village Inn. The energy began to build as soon as you exited your car. The Red Bull DJ Truck was on the scene blasting music and videos from some of the most famous snowboarding movies ever made. It was a beacon in the dark that created an instant party vibe!


Volcom Hat press

Volcom swag in the making.

Upon entering the venue it was apparent the party would continue. The DJ on the decks kept the beats coming. Volcom was representing in full force. It was evident; this was a one man show…the Volcom show. At the top of the stairs was a table where they were giving away free swag, posters and even letting you make your own custom hat. You pick the color, insignia and choose the placement. The guys from Volcom did the rest. It was a great display of marketing and was well received by all.


Decked out, now reppin’ the Stone, it was time to grab a beer. Most scanned the crowd on their way to the bar to see if they recognized any familiar faces. One that was immediately noticeable was the legend, Bryan Iguchi. After getting a beer, I had a chance to talk with him.


Me and Bryan Iguchi.

The “Guch” is really as cool as he is portrayed in the videos. He seems to be a student of the world and has learned a lot of life lessons. The conversation started with an introduction and quickly moved to our favorite topic…snow. Specifically in Tahoe’s case, the lack thereof. Like a wise man with a calm, collected demeanor he grinned and started to speak about vivid memories of walls of snow everywhere in Tahoe. “Never forget, California is a land of extremes. The snow will return and be as epic as we all remember.” This is what we all wanted to hear and since it came from him the statement carries a little more weight.

About that time the lights began to flash, signaling the show was ready to begin. Camouflaged by the rest of the mountain folk in the crowd the man of the hour, Pat Moore, emerged. As he headed towards the front, the woodsman from New Hampshire with the bright red beard which resembled a lumberjack’s began to thank everyone for coming out. He introduced the sponsor of the film and highlighted some of the cool prizes up for grabs. A $500 bar tab and a snowboard he used during the filming of Mr. Plant were a few that stood out. Like any good MC he pumped up the crowd. The bar tab went to the drunkest person at the show and to win the board you had be the loudest in the crowd. Everyone went nuts!

Elena, Bryan and Pat

Elena Hight, Bryan Iguchi and Pat Moore



Elena Hight and Bryan Iguchi were then summoned to the front to help introduce the show. After the intro, the lights dimmed and the movie began with a bang! Without hesitation this segment opened with some of the biggest crashes, wipeouts and slams ever seen on film. If this was the teaser, the feature was sure to be epic!




For an overview, Mr. Plant was a jam packed thirty minutes of so many riders, tricks and locations woven together that it would have taken Webster himself to define what was being showcased! The artistic elements were also trippy and cool just as you would expect to see in a Volcom production. Check out some of our favorite clips below.

Here are a few of highlights from the film:

Mike Ravs

His style was like watching the Clash in London. Unique, wild and crazy…you didn’t know what was next! Right out of the gate he busts a fifty-fifty from one rocking horse to another in a scene shot on a playground. That was followed by a quick board slide on a rail. At the end of the trick it seems as if it was over when he approached a chain-link fence. That was not the case. He pops up high enough onto the fence and it folds down like a drawbridge that catapults him off the top. Mike Ravs gets the thumbs up from Local Freshies. We will definitely be looking to see what he’s up to next.

The legends at Baldface

Seeing Jamie Lynn, Terje Haakonsen and Bryan Iguchi, the greatest snowboarders of all time, all in one place was amazing. It was cool seeing them have so much fun. Some memorable moments were when they took face shots in the glades, pulled some 360 floaters and tweaked out methods off of some large obstacles in the terrain in front of them. This group is always worth watching!

Pat Moore

I heard him once say he watches other snowboard videos, not to gain inspiration from the other riders or to learn new tricks, but to check out the terrain. He then thinks about the feature so when he visits the location he can execute moves using his own style. This was apparent from the opening scene. Fittingly, Pat Moore a.k.a. The Destroyer opened his segment with a soundtrack from Metallica. His aggressive style grabs your attention and never let’s go. Determined…Pat’s work ethic is on display. He’s not satisfied unless he sticks each trick. When he doesn’t its classic Pat Moore, bashing his board out of frustration. He truly puts his all into his work and it pays dividends.

These are just a few gems from the movie. Almost every part and trick could be considered a “banger.” No fluff…all Grade A quality material. Out of all the premiers Local Freshies has been to, Mr. Plant is the frontrunner for movie of the year. Check out our events calendar to catch a showing near you. If you are unable to make the event, go grab yourself a copy. It’s well worth it!

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