No turning back…

NTB #3

Warren Miller Entertainment unleashes #65.

Winter is here!  How do you know??? SNOW!  And for those of us that live in Tahoe, the annual WME film “No Turning Back,” made it’s rounds.  Like any great tradition, it happens every year.  Whether or not you agree is a different story.  Like clockwork, No Turning Back played last Friday and Saturday in South Lake Tahoe at Harrah’ Casino.


Tyler and Josh doing their best to visit the home of the Gods in Greece

It was a corporate production no doubt.  The show started promptly and $7.00 beers were par for the course.  Patrons crowded the entrance in single file to get into the theater.  It was much more formal than most premiers.  Once inside the silence and stiffness began to let up.  This was due to a couple factors… the love of snow and booze!

The lights dimmed and the show played.  Jonny Moseley’s voice was instantly recognizable from past films.  The crowd cheered in excitement for the scene.  He dumped in a couple one liners for humor, but it turns out that wouldn’t be necessary.  As customary in films by WME the locations and athletes spoke for themselves.  You were taken around the globe to locations you would expect and some not so much.  The usual’s were there such as Alaska, Colorado, Japan and France, but some new locations in Norway and Greece stole the show.

Great athletes from all over the world were featured.  Ingrid Backstrom, Seth Wescott, Sierra Quitiquit, Rob Kingwill, Oystein Aasheim and Tahoe local JT Holmes were only but a few that come to mind.

No Turning Back takes you to the edge and even reminds you that sometimes the run isn’t the payoff…sometimes your company or surroundings are enough.  For example, Tyler Ceccanti and Josh Bibby visited Greece and got the opportunity to use horses instead of snowmobiles to get into the backcountry.  They were able to check out the culture in the mountains of Greece AND ski Mt Olympus!

As touted Warren Miller’s “No Turning Back” kicks off the snow season in style.  Nothing too extreme, but a good overall show for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.  Join the tradition…if it’s been awhile or if this is #65 for you, it’s a great way to bring in the season with family or friends.


Didn’t catch it in South Lake Tahoe…no worries. Check out Local Freshies “Event Calendar” to see when to expect it in a theatre near you.

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