6 Hiking Tips To Keep You Safe In The Wilderness Or Backcountry

There is a saying we’ve all heard many times that is very fitting when going into the wilderness. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. In the last few years, we’ve experienced several incidents in the backcountry that really heightened our awareness at just how dangerous the backcountry can be. From a person […]

Most Popular Whitewater Rafting Rivers in the US

The snowpack continues to recede with the summer melt. It’s okay though… it will be back next year and there is a positive. In this case, it means the rivers start to rise and whitewater rafting season begins! But first, a quick history lesson. This outdoor activity started as a way to explore unknown rivers […]

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Mountain Man Dad

They say it’s easy to be a father, but a true test of patience is to be a Dad. A father brings a child into this world, but a Dad takes care of his kids. Regardless if your father was in your life or not, you know someone that has influenced you in a way […]

An All Inclusive Hiking Spa? What’s That?

When I hear the words “all inclusive”, the first thing that comes to mind are places in Mexico or the Caribbean. Sure, that’s fine for those who want to escape the cold weather during winter but what about the rest of us who want to escape the “heat” of summer. Are there all-inclusive resorts in […]

A Guide To The Best Mountain Bike Racing Series In The US

While mountain biking has been around since the 1970’s, it still has more of a grassroots feel compared to road cycling. Road bike races have formal institutions like the Tour de France while the downhill mountain bike race series’ are more regionalized. So, what does that imply for mountain biking fans? It means you can […]

I Fought The Mountain… And The Mountain Won

When the First Tracks film came out about the Sierra Canyon Trail, it caught our attention. The idea of riding into the historic town of Genoa on our mountain bikes like cowboys was tantalizing. After a long-fought descent, we’d hop off our saddles and mosey on in the oldest bar in Nevada for a cold […]

The 2nd Oldest Continuous Bike Race in the US… Is In Nevada?!?

Nevada City, California… that is. The Nevada City Classic is one of the premiere sporting events in the Sierra foothills. It’s the largest and oldest bike race on the West Coast and the second oldest continuous bike race in the US. For the 2nd time in its 58 year history, it will be moved off […]