Spring has sprung

Tuesday marks the spring equinox, officially bringing an end to winter. Does that mean the ski and snowboard season is over? The answer to this question is absolutely not! It couldn’t be further from the truth. This is your time to find cheap plane tickets, lots of sunshine, empty slopes and most of all some crazy parties. Here are five lesser known resorts to visit in April:

Lake Louise

Lake Louise spring skiing unfrozen winter landscape

Lake Louise – Image Credit: Stephen Downes website: www.downes.ca

Always one of the first to open and last to close Spring is primetime for Lake Louise. The extremely cold weather has retreated and the sun has begun to shine. Don’t fret about the snow conditions though. Even now, mid-winter powder conditions can be found due to its northern latitude. And, for those looking for a party scene Banff is only a few miles down the road. This town is filled with amazing cuisine, great shopping, and awesome watering holes. If that wasn’t enough the views of Lake Louise from the summit are some of the most amazing in the world.

Alpine Meadows

Its bigger brother to the North, Squaw Valley, may get all the glamour, but this resort is nothing to sneeze at. Alpine is a big craggy resort with most of its terrain above tree line. Tahoe’s climate of cold freezing nights and warm sunny days plus the ski resort’s topography creates some of the best corn you’ll find anywhere. For more about corn snow check out last season’s spring skiing guide found here.

Alpine Meadows powder spring skiing steep

Alpine Meadows on an amazing day – Image credit: Jeff Sullivan. Skier: Kevin Wherritt

Mt. Bachelor

This place should be on everyone’s bucket list for spring skiing and snowboarding. It has the highest likelihood of powder in the lower 48 this time of year. In between storms when the temperatures rise, you will find plenty of corn ripe for the harvesting. The resort is a giant dormant volcano that allows you to use it as a sundial. When the snow begins to sour in the afternoon the après scene heats up. Being next to Bend, an outdoor mecca, there’s plenty to keep you busy. From hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or paddle boarding you’re sure to find an activity to occupy the rest of your day. After you’ve worked up a good thirst, there are dozens of breweries with a great atmosphere to round out the day. For more about Bend and the breweries go here and if you need a little guide about Mt Bachelor go here.

Mt Bachelor spring skiing road

The road to Mt Bachelor is beautiful any time of year but in spring the contrasts of green and white are breathtaking. Winter clinging to life on top of Mt Bachelor.


Just down the road from Anchorage this resort is packed with steep terrain, easy access to legendary heli-skiing operations and most of all a deep snowpack that lasts well into June. During the months of December and January the sun may only get above the horizon by 10 a.m., but by April the it doesn’t set until 9:00 p.m. This means there’s a more time to check out other stuff around Alaska. Similar to Lake Louise, its northern latitude makes sure the snow keeps coming even this late. Alyeska will not disappoint. There’s a reason every pro skier & snowboarder makes the annual pilgrimage up here every April.


Most people zoom past as they head to one of the major resorts like Keystone, Copper, and Winter Park. A no frills destination it’s a great example of a mountain still tapped to the soul of skiing and snowboarding. The focus is all about the mountain and not about real estate. Receiving some of the most snow in the region and hugging the continental divide this translates to a season that starts in October and last into May or longer. Powder days still happen often in April! By this time the snowpack is deep enough, which will allow you to access all of the cool terrain Loveland has. This quaint mountain packs quite the punch and is highly recommended!

Just because the calendar is creeping towards summer, it doesn’t mean the season is over! Take some of our considerations and get out there and finish the season strong!

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