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Standard Films

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Sitting on a velvet couch on a blistering hot summer’s day, I remember vividly dissecting the images of such snowboard greats like Johan Olofsson and Ingemar Backman flashing past me on the television. While our crew of snowboarders were hitting up the mole-hills of the Midwest, Standard Films made us feel like we were part of the culture albeit hundreds of miles away. Nearly two decades later, Standard Films has partnered up with Echoboom to release the TB Series Collection on YouTube plus a few more of their films.

Who Is Standard Films?

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, there were two legendary filming companies putting films out every fall that were must see – Mack Dawg Productions (MDP) and Standard Films. MDP brought you the street style while Standard Films showcased everything else the sport had to offer. From first descents in Alaska to spring park sessions in Riksgränsen, they encompassed any and all things snowboard related.

Why You Should Watch The Totally Board Series

Mt. Baker home to the legendary road gap – Image Taken by Iwona Kellie

At the peak of their era, the list of riders on these films were like the dream team of snowboarding. These artistic endeavors showcased the talents of such famous snowboarders as Shawn Farmer, Terje Haakonsen and Bryan Iguchi. Each film helped push the sport to new and exciting levels. They documented major milestones in the sport like:

  • Shawn Farmer leaping the Road Gap at Mt. Baker shirtless. (TB1)
  • Ingemar Backman pulling off the largest method ever at the time during a wind-down session at that year’s Diesel 55 DSL Comp. (TB5)
  • Johan Olofsson doing a near-straight line descent of 3,000 feet/50 degrees in 35 seconds. (TB5)
  • Tom Burt becoming the only rider to snowboard Alaska’s Cordova Peak. Exceptionally exposed, Cordova Peak has a sustained 54 degree slope and is covered in hazards: bergschrunds, black and blue ice, avalanche prone and cliffs. Tom made it look easy. (TB 6)
  • Jussi Oksanen’s part was unreal. Linking and landing over a dozen switch tricks in a row and landing the first ever switch backside 1080, it helped cement his legendary status. (Optigrab)

TB Series Collection On YouTube

This is only a small sampling of the unreal riding that these films embodied. Similar to the cinematic treasures of Rocky or Star Wars, these videos haven’t lost a step. So, microwave some popcorn, grab a beer and enjoy a full look back at the sport of snowboarding you won’t soon forget!

Totally Board

TB2: A New Way Of Thinking

TB3: Coming Down The Mountain

TB4: Run To The Hills

TB5: Totally Board 5

TB6: Carpe Diem

TB7: North Of Heaven

TB8: Infinity

TB9: Totally Board 9

TB10: Optigrab

The Best Of Totally Board

Notice To Appear

White Balance


The Storming

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