Transworld Snowboarding Closing After 32 Years

Transworld Snowboarding Closing One of the last TW Snow Magazines ever. Photo by: Local Freshies

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It’s with a broken heart we announce hearing that Transworld Snowboarding is closing. Yup, you read that right. After thirty-two years in business, the magazine that’s been the eyes & ears of shredding will no longer be the voice.

Why Is Transworld Snowboarding Closing

Closed Sign Lake Tahoe
Photo by: Local Freshies®

After only a few short weeks since American Media acquired fourteen adventure sports and media brands from TEN (The Enthusiast Network), they quietly began to shut down different outlets such as Transworld Snowboarding. While Transworld Skateboarding, Transworld Moto, and RideBMX were eliminated only in the paper version, Transworld Snowboarding is being shut down entirely. This includes the digital side along with film production. Sadly, Kamikazu will be the last movie that Transworld will ever produce.

So, What’s Next For Transworld Snowboarding?

Transworld Snowboarding Closing
One of the last TW Snow Magazines ever. Photo by: Local Freshies

Keep a watch on their website & social media channels in the coming weeks. All the photographers, journalists, filmers and riders will be sharing tributes & reflecting on the brand.

Snowboarder Is The New Voice?!?

So, who is going to become the new voice of snowboarding? Per an AMI spokesman:

“Effective immediately, Snowboarder will be the sole snowboarding brand of the new Adventure Sports Network Group, part of American Media’s Active Lifestyle Group. This is a truly exciting time for Snowboarder as it heads into its thirty-second year with the most diversified and exciting content offering in its history.”

We understand if it makes business sense, but something doesn’t smell right about this statement. TEN stopped printing Snowboarder back in February 2017. There were rumblings they were going to shut it down fully at that time & now that AMI has purchased it, they’re actually going the other way? Snowboarder will be the digital voice of snowboarding? Who knows. In the end, my heart is still broken as snowboarding has one less outlet to shine in. Maybe it’s because I’m older or that I lost snowboarding for nearly five years, but I’ve gotten nostalgic over time. In fact, I still have copies of my favorite issues AND the book that Transworld Snowboarding’s DVD Nation came with. Especially now, I’ll be keeping these forever.

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