Addy Mac’s Ice Cream

Addy Mac's Ice Cream Bend Oregon Pacific Northwest Cheap Eats

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Even after all these years of visiting Bend there is always something new to try. From the ski resort building another chairlift that added another 635 acres to another brewery opening, there’s always something new to see and do. Of course there are some oldies but goodies too! For us, that is Addy Mac’s Ice Cream.

The ice cream flavors Justin has are always different. Today he was serving chipotle chocolate, peanut butter Ritz, and s’mores. All three were on point. The Mexican hot chocolate was by far the most thought-provoking. It was spicy like a jalapeno, but had the rich flavor of a dark chocolate bar. A must try indeed!

There is something about Bend that no other destination for snow sports has. It is far enough away to make it a challenge to visit, but once you get there it’s worth all the work. If you are planning a trip that has anything “outdoors” you can imagine, but is a little bit different Mt. Bachelor and Bend are a perfect combination!