Fresh fish cooked to order in Truckee???

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Monday – Sunday: 11:00am – 8:00pm


10087 West River Street
Truckee CA


We’ve talked a lot about our favorite spots on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, and now it’s time to show a little love to the north shore. Summer technically starts on Memorial Day across the country and this makes our minds begin to drift towards fishing. Lake Tahoe is a great choice for any seasoned fisherman filled with many varieties of fish such as salmon and trout. What if you want a fish that is of the salt-water variety?

Truckee - Image Taken by Doug Jones -
Truckee – Image Taken by Doug Jones –

Luckily, Truckee has you covered. Like all of our favorite places to eat, it’s not as obvious as some of the other restaurants in town. Located across the train tracks in a quiet section of Truckee you really need to know what you are looking for to find it, but it’s well worth the journey. It has some of the best tasting fish anywhere and the story of them re-opening is truly a “whale of a tale”.

A restaurant that almost went to ashes

Morgan's in Truckee, CA
Morgan’s Lobster Shack & Fish Market in Truckee, CA

After only a few weeks open following one of their busiest nights ever on Thursday August 13th, 2015 smoke began to billow from the restaurant as a fire ensued inside. With the fire department rushing to the aid late that evening they were able to contain the fire to only the restaurant. Unfortunately, the blaze caused so much damage to the point that they had to shut down. With the help from the local community through a “GoFundMe” campaign they raised over 10,000 dollars to re-open after the devastating fire. Like a phoenix rising out of its ashes Morgan’s was re-born anew and better on January 16, 2014. A true testament of how resilient the owners and Lake Tahoe residents are.

For East Coasters, a home away from home

Immediately stepping into the building the décor is reminiscent of a New England fish store that you would see in Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons perhaps. Fish nets and lobster cages decorate the walls along with pictures from New England. The smell of fresh fish being cooked bombard your senses making you eager to order your food. The menu is extensive for anyone that loves fish. Besides the classic items like chowder and lobster they also provide fresh catch of the day that you can order to go and grill yourself at home or have them cook it for you. With the weather being warm something a bit lighter was in order.

The Fish Sandwich – One of the best in the West

Grilled fish sandwich at Morgan's
Grilled fish sandwich at Morgan’s

After we finished ordering we headed back to their nice deck overlooking Truckee. With a slightly warm breeze blowing and the sun shining it felt nice to just enjoy the weather and relaxed atmosphere. In a manner of minutes one of the servers brought out the food. The fish sandwich was indescribable how good it was. The New England style roll was lightly toasted on the inside but still soft and juicy like a good hot dog bun to make sure none of the tasty juices of the grilled fish escaped. The fish itself was seasoned perfectly to the point that you didn’t even need to put on the tartar sauce. As the side the cole slaw could’ve been it’s own meal it was that good. Being chilled and vinegar-based the flavors were refreshing and were great to cleanse our pallet for the next scrumptious bite of the fish sandwich. All in all it was an amazing experience.

Should you go?


For those missing fish seasoned in the style of New England this is DEFINITELY a place you must go to. Since they make sure the fish that they use is REALLY fresh fish and they are located in the Sierra Nevadas this means the price tag is a little bit more expensive than other places you would go. Is it worth it? Absolutely! This place has some of the tastiest fish I’ve had in years. A must try if in Lake Tahoe