Timberline Ski Resort

Guide to Mt Hood's Ski Resorts Timberline Lodge overlooking Mt Hood Overview of Mt. Hood & Timberline Lodge - Image taken by: Severin Sadjina

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Just like the name implies, most of the ski resort is located at or just above tree line.  One of its claims to fame is the main lodge.  The exterior of this building was used in the movie the Shining, but don’t worry, the interior is just as spooky as the movie but in a more wilderness-y way.  Surprisingly, staying at this hotel in the winter is very affordable so it’s definitely worth considering when choosing where to stay.  If not, at least ski or snowboard past it and maybe take a selfie.   The second thing Timberline is known for is its summer skiing.  During midwinter, the highest lift – the Magic Mile, doesn’t open due to the massive amounts of snow it receives, but by the end of May, they begin to dig out the chairlift to prepare for summer operations.  Summer camps such as Windell’s shuttle kids from their lodging at the bottom of the road up to the resort.  Each summer camp then sets up and holds their activities on a private part of this snowfield.  In the winter though, all the other lifts will run and give you access to even more challenging terrain like the Stormin’ Norman chairlift named after a famous skier who helped found this resort.  You can’t go wrong in either season – winter or summer!