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During the sweltering summer months, thoughts of a powder day begin to creep back into your conscience.  You try to keep yourself busy with activities like mountain biking, hiking, or water skiing but it just doesn’t help.  With the days getting shorter and mornings being a little bit cooler, there is one sign that truly symbolizes that we are getting closer to winter…Ski & Snowboard Movie Premiere season.  Here are a few of the major films coming out this fall.  To find a movie premier near you, check out our event calendar found here.  Stay tuned and check back with us…as we hear about more premieres, we’ll keep on adding to the calendar.

Red Bull – The Fourth Phase

Travis Rice is a legend in the action sports realm not just for winning competitions, but taking snowboard films to the next level.  These aren’t just some quick fly by night flicks, but rather sagas into the psyche of Travis and his crew.  It’s been a few years since the last installment “Art of Flight” but based on the trailer, this new film goes deeper than the previous two but looks just as exciting for those adrenaline junkies out there.  Check out our calendar –  the tour dates shown here.


Presented by Red Bull and Brain Farm featuring Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Cam Fitzpatrick, Mikkel Bang, Bode Merrill, Ben Ferguson, Victor De Le Rue, and Jeremy Jones

Teton Gravity Research – Tight Loose

It’s interesting to think that twenty-one years for a human being is considered young, but in the film world, it’s considered a long time.  Trends in filming have changed drastically over the years, and if you don’t adapt, you will die.  It’s amazing to see Teton Gravity Research going as strong or even stronger than ever.  To celebrate their 21st birthday, they’ve come out with a true banger of a film.  From India to Alaska, the skiers & snowboarders discover unridden spine walls, take massive airs, and do full throttle riding in some of the wildest and most spectacular places on earth. Finally, witness the birthday athlete roster as they come together for a reunion-style massive group shred of the Palisades at Squaw Valley.  For a tour stop near you click here.


Angel Collinson, Dane Tudor, Dash Longe, Dylan Hood, Griffin Post, Hadley Hammer, Ian McIntosh, Johnny Collinson, Lucas Debari, Mark Carter, Nick McNutt, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Sam Smoothy, Sammy Luebke, and Tim Durtschi

Shot on Location In:

Golden, BC – Gulmarg and Shinagar, Kashmir, India – Island Lake Lodge, BC – Jackson Hole, WY – Neacola Range, AK – North Cascade Heli Skiing, WA – Squaw Valley, CA – Tordrillo Mountains, AK – Whitewater Ski Resort, BC

Matchstick Productions – Ruin and Rose

Matchstick Productions has put out a TON of good films over the years.  From “In Deep” to “Fade to Winter”, each ski film tells a story and highlights a different aspect of the sport we love.  The biggest topic in our community right now is “Will we lose winter in our future generations?”  Their newest film looks into what it would be like if winter did in fact disappear.  Acclaimed writer/director Ben Sturgulewski joins the award-winning team at Matchstick Productions to bring us “Ruin and Rose.”  For a tour stop near you click here.


Presented by Under Armour in spectacular 4K resolution, “Ruin and Rose” features veterans and newcomers alike, including Mark Abma, Sammy Carlson, Markus Eder, Zack Giffin, Sander Hadley, Russ Henshaw, Eric Hjorleifson, Lukas Joas, Sean Jordan, Bene Mayr, Evan McEachran, Michelle Parker, Ole Pavel, Tanner Rainville, Austin Ross, Fabio Studer, Cody Townsend, Noah Wallace, and others.

Shot on Location In:

Alaska – Austria – British Columbia – Bulgaria – California – France – Switzerland – the deserts of Namibia.

Level 1 – Pleasure

Hunger… that’s what pushes individuals to not accept status quo and go for it.  That “it” in skiing could be landing a trick off a rail in the streets to dropping a steep line in the backcountry.  Professional skiers call this living-the-dream.  Looking for and finding those simple joys is depicted well in the film made by Level 1.  From India, Switzerland and Japan, to British Columbia, Washington DC, and Alaska, it’s business in the front, party in the back, and no one is phoning it in.  For a tour stop near you click here.


Will Wesson, Sami Ortlieb, Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, Laurent DeMartin, McRae Williams, KC Deane, Khai Krepela, Sandy Boville, Magnus Granér, Mitchell Brower, LJ Strenio, Josh Bibby, Rob Heule, Ben Smith, Ethan Swadburg, Shay Lee, Jonah Williams, Pär Peyben Hägglund, Arkadiy Kazakov, Keegan Kilbride, Thayne Rich, Garrett Russel, TBS, Tatum Monod and friends.

Shot on Location in:

Eagle Pass, BC – Gulmarg, India – Kirovsk, Russia – Secret Valley, Switzerland – Washington, DC – Snowbird, UT – Haines, Alaska – Salt Lake City, UT

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