107 Resorts & 214 Days Of Skiing… Indy Pass Is The Deal Of The Year

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There’s a reason why corporations run every industry including skiing and snowboarding… you know what to expect. They provide uniformity and a high standard of excellence. But just like the music industry, small independent resorts provide something that’s unique and different. It’s like Joan Jett versus Jimmy Buffett. Unfortunately, most of the small Mom & Pop resorts out there aren’t on a collective season pass like the Ikon or Epic passes. Well… in 2019 that changed with the Indy Pass. For this upcoming winter for only $299 you can gain access to 107 resorts (and counting) across North America.


What Do You Get For The Indy Pass?

Indy Pass Logo
Compared to the Epic or Ikon passes, the goal isn’t about trying to get you to the resort so you can spend a ton of money on lodging, food, and brews. The focus is on getting people to go skiing at an affordable rate. In fact, you get two days of skiing + a discounted third day at each resort, translating to a WHOPPING 214 days of riding or $1.40 per day of skiing! But let’s be realistic about this. Would any of us ski all these resorts? Probably not. Even if you only skied eight days total, a lift ticket comes out to $37/day. That’s still a screaming deal.


New For 2022

Every winter the folks at Indy Pass continue to step up their game. In 2020, they knew that most of us need lodging when we visit a ski area. They worked closely with independently-owned lodging properties that are operated by partner resorts or their affiliates in nearby ski towns. In addition, in 2022 they’ve added not one or two ski areas but ELEVEN new partners to their alliance which now includes:

Mt Hood Meadows, OR

Ski Bluewood, WA

Ski Sawmill, PA

Kelly Canyon, ID

Sunlight Mountain Resort, CO


Some Of Our Favorite Ski Resorts Are On The Indy Pass

Ever since the big boys started gobbling up the major players, we’ve begun to venture further and further off the beaten path. This list of Mom & Pop Ski Resorts reads like a bucket list for us. Here’s just a few of the ones that got our attention:

Brundage Mountain

Brundage Mountain Snowboarding Idaho Ski Idaho
Us enjoying the deep, dry snow at Brundage Mountain – Photo By: Local Freshies®

Although we’ve visited Brundage Mountain, we have been wanting to get back here and hit this place again. If you know where to look, the terrain at this resort is like Kirkwood in Lake Tahoe but without the crowds. It’s packed with steep chutes, an assortment of glade skiing, & an open boundary policy. Simply put: Heaven on Earth.

Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain Resort Albert
Image by: Castle Mountain Resort

What if we told you there’s a resort as big as Mammoth with more consistent snowfall, home to one of North America’s only resort-based cat skiing operations, AND less people? It’s hard to believe, we know. We’ve been drooling about this place for years and now have no reason NOT to head north and hit this spot.


Red Lodge Mountain

Red Lodge Mountain Resort
Image by: Red Lodge Mountain

When we wrote about the famous storms that have pummeled North America, a kind reader let us know about a massive storm that hit Red Lodge in Montana. Thanks to them, this put the ski area on our radar as we began to research it a bit more. Focused more on the skiing, the region is also home to amazing backcountry ski terrain that we’d love to explore as well.

Silver Mountain

Silver Mountain Silver Valley Skiing Idaho
Photo by: Local Freshies®

Silver Mountain is another ski resort we’ve ridden before that features insane terrain & is just down the road from one of our favorite cozy ski towns – the Historic Town of Wallace. This place is home to one of the longest gondolas in North America and some steep slopes as well.


For Midwesterners & East Coasters Too

For those that live in the Midwest or on the East Coast & don’t know if you’ll make it out West, you still may want to consider picking up an Indy Pass for your local resorts. From Tyrol Basin near Madison to Bolton Valley out East, they provide an assortment of fun little spots to shred.

Tyrol Basin Indy Pass
Photo by: Ian Mullarney

If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty darned excited about the Indy Pass. In fact, we’re hoping this season we can hit a few on our bucket list that we haven’t had a chance to ski yet. If you’re on the fence for where you want to go this season, this Indy Pass is a great one to consider.

For more info, venture over to the Indy Pass website, or better yet, if you need some inspiration on a road trip, check out our post The Indy Pass Ski Road Trip – The Best Deal In Skiing.


Perfect Time To Plan That Big Trip

Even if you aren’t even considering the Indy Pass this year, it’s a perfect reminder to start planning your ski trips this winter! To help with your planning we’ve created a ski trip planning guide to give you the scoop on what time of year to visit to find the best snow. Give you the low-down on what items to bring. We even talk about unheard of ski resorts that you can find fresh powder days or even weeks after a storm. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find some juicy tidbits in our guide found here:

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  1. Do you have a map showing where each resort is? It would make planning a trip easier, also is there a list of all 36 resorts?

    1. Hey Jim,

      I know the website: https://www.indyskipass.com/ has a basic map but nothing that would help make a trip easier. I like the idea though… looks like we’ll have to create an article showcasing road trip ideas on the Indy Pass. Thanks Jim for the awesome idea!!! 🙂

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