World Famous Cobra Dogs Closes…

Cobra Dogs Closes

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It’s with heavy hearts we announce the world-famous Cobra Dogs in Government Camp closed its doors… temporarily. The classic GI Joe-esque cobra hot dog cart has become a culinary institution in the snowboard world. Teens from all over the country visiting Timberline for the summer snowboard camps would grab a dog after hot laps on the Palmer Glacier.

$700 & A Dream

Cobra Dogs Park City
Cobra Dogs grand opening at Park City Utah – Image by: Andrew Van Hout

In 2005, former snowboard photographer Cory Grove opened up a food cart that would cater to the snowboard & ski crowd during the summer months. With only $700 and a dream, he made it happen. It was never just about the hot dogs, but rather to work with people that support snowboarding. So, even in the winter months, the bright red wiener-mobile was seen at contests all over the country and even had a permanent stint down in Park City for a couple of seasons.

The Secret is in the Sauce

Cobra Dogs serve up all-natural hot dogs, bratwursts and veggie dogs, each with a twist from its name such as:

  • All Beef Boa – 100% beef dog
  • Cheddaconda – Frankfurter infused with real Tillamook cheddar
  • Brattlesnake Brat – German brat with a hint of black pepper
  • Hot Snake Brat – German brat on the hotter side similar to a Louisiana Hot
  • Very Veggie – Tofu based veggie dog

While they provide toppings like jalapenos, onions, relish, cream cheese & sauerkraut, the real magic is the cobra sauce. Nobody except the owner knows what’s in it but let’s just say the spicy concoction brings these encased meats to another level.

Cobra Dogs Closes
Image appears courtesy: Roaming Hunger

A Break Is Needed…

Cobra Dogs Union Bindings Collab
An example of how ingrained Cobra Dogs is in the snowboard culture – Image appears courtesy: The House

Creating a cult-like following in the snowboard world and having it be around for over a dozen years is a true testament to the hard work they put in. Cory didn’t consider anyone just a customer. It was always something deeper than that. It’s understandable that they need a break and so they’re closing up shop for the summer. There are a few reasons, but time and family play the biggest roles in the decision. In Cory’s words… “IT’S JUST A BREAK! We’ll be back.” We can’t wait to see them up and running again.

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