Defeating the Meaningless

William Blake once said, “Great things are done when men and mountains meet.”

This is definitely true.  Mountains can be a blocker between nations or they can be a place to meditate and find inner peace. These natural skyscrapers, make human beings feel small and humble. They urge to be conquered and it makes sense the new film by Team 13 is called “Conquering the Useless.” Think about that for a minute…it invokes thoughts of the reasoning behind skiers and snowboarders traveling deep into the wilderness and what they are trying to accomplish. From the outside looking in, it could seem as all risk and no reward. The risk being injury or death and the reward sliding down a hill. Nothing is that simple though. There is more to it for big mountain skiers and snowboarders.

What is it then?

Cody Townsend and cohorts Elyse Saugstad, Chris Rubens, and Dave Treadway answer this complex question in spades.  This ensemble of the best skiers on the planet, expose us to the culture of skiing and how the sport has evolved into what it has become today. That is of course, chasing bigger and gnarlier lines. Sliding down a slope maybe the reward, but the entire journey and adventure to get to that 30 second clip of a run is just as awesome and intriguing.

TRAILER: CONQUERING THE USELESS from Team Thirteen on Vimeo.

Once this goes off, you better put this on your to do list because it looks to be one of the best films of the year!

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‘Conquering The Useless’ is presented by Swatch, with support from Kiehls and Salomon.  The movie will be available to download in a month.

Executive Producers: Cody Townsend and Team Thirteen
Directed and Edited by: Matt Sheridan
Principle Cameraman: Matt Sheridan and Athan Merrick
Artist: Nick Franchi
Trailer Music by Todd Casper
Color Correction: Lindon Williams

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