Will “Epic” February Lead To Kirkwood Extending Its Season? One Skier Fights For The Right

Kirkwood Mountain Resort Lake Tahoe Closing Day The Cirque in the distance

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If you haven’t noticed, Lake Tahoe has been getting PUMMELED with snow. Check that, a TON of white goodness. The most recent parade of storms dropped over seven FEET of snow on Kirkwood during President’s Day Weekend. As of February 20th, they’ve already received 434 inches of snow – just two feet shy of their ANNUAL average amount. So, will Vail keep Kirkwood open past the scheduled April 8th closing date?

Hey Vail: Keep Kirkwood Open

Over the past few years, just like a frog in a frying pan, they’ve quietly shortened the season from the end of April to mid-month and now the 1st week of April. For those that skied Kirkwood before it was owned by Vail, it wasn’t abnormal for you to ski on Memorial Day and sometimes even July 4th. Well, an avid Kirkwood skier has had enough. He’s decided to create a digital petition to try and keep Kirkwood open as long as the snow lasts.

Why Should Kirkwood Be Open In The Spring

Kirkwood Closing Day 2018
Backcountry corn inbounds… closing day last season

When it comes to spring skiing, a few factors come into play to create the perfect venue for corn snow. First, you need snowpack. Second, it needs a lot of terrain that sits above treeline because there will be minimal pine sap or needles in the snow causing your skis to stick. Third and the most critical is that the weather drops below freezing at night. In Vail’s trilogy of Tahoe resorts, Kirkwood is the only one that passes all three variables, as you can see in last year’s post about closing day at Kirkwood.

Will this petition work?

We hope so, but Vail is a publicly traded company. That means they report to the shareholders and not the skiers. Most likely, they’ll extend the Heavenly ski season but keep Kirkwood shut.

Are you a Vail shareholder? Would you be willing to have your stock dip to keep the lifts running? Are you a Kirkwood skier? Would you be willing to pay more to ski for longer? An interesting predicament for sure…

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