Night Spectacular!

Homewood Nachtspektakel Bonfire Night Skiing Image appears courtesy: Alpenglow Sports

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Climb a mountain, eat, drink, hangout and revel with other crazies like yourself… and then slide down the mountain in complete darkness guided only by a headlamp powered by two AAA batteries. If you’re like me and this sounds like your idea of a great skiing festival, that’s great. We are not alone!

For 2020, Alpenglow Sports in conjunction with Dynafit will hold not one but TWO Nachtspektakel at Homewood Resort in Lake Tahoe events. One on Saturday, February 22, 2020 and another on March 14th. If you like skiing, drinking, eating and being merry with like-minded individuals during the cover of darkness, this popular European skiing festival is for you!

How Does Nachtspektakel Work?

Homewood Nachtspektakel Skinning Sunset
Image appears courtesy: Alpenglow Sports

How this works is you get a group together and skin to the top of a mountain. Usually the ascent begins when the sun is setting or at night. As you begin the climb, you’ll be greeted to good conversation and hopefully an amazing sunset. Once you make it to the Big Blue View Bar at mid-mountain, the party begins!

Uphill Followed By Food, Fun & Celebration!

Homewood Nachtspektakel Bonfire Snowstorm
Image appears courtesy: Alpenglow Sports

Expect a delicious meal prepared by Homewood’s Chefs. As more and more complete the journey to the lodge, the excitement and celebration will grow along with a large bonfire. The atmosphere will be electric, friendly, and most of all fun. A great dinner accompanied by quality beer!

Downhill Under The Stars

Homewood Nachtspektakel Bonfire Night Skiing
Image appears courtesy: Alpenglow Sports

As the night winds down, the crew will begin to strap on their gear, preparing for our favorite part… a downhill under the stars. Once geared and bundled up, everyone heads out for the final descent of the evening. As the last Nachtspektakel-ers make it down the mountain, many will decide the night shouldn’t be over. As with most traditions, small unspoken mini-traditions start to form. The question is “What will your tradition be if you join Alpenglow Sports, Dynafit & Homewood for Nachtspektakel?”

If you’ve never attended this event, we highly recommend it. Space is limited so act quickly or you’ll miss out!

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