Life is all about “Balance”

Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model. It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface.

Confucius (c. 551 – c. 479 BC)


Balance…this is the name chosen for the new film starring David Carrier Porcheron a.k.a. DCP. We know what your thinking. How does this relate to a snowboard film.  When thinking about it on a deeper level it sparks curiosity, intrigue, and most of all emotions. So, back to the question at hand. What does it mean? These answers slowly start to reveal themselves as the teaser begins to play. Standing on top of a mountain or at the apex of a wave, we see that DCP is a man of many skills.

Like a quiet shaman he speaks words of truth beckoning you to find your happiness.  In exchange, he gives the audience a glimpse into his happy place. This film is an opportunity to see a legend at the top of his game and to find out what makes him tick. It’s an artful display of nature, man, and the challenge to enjoy each moment at its best. Just like last year’s movie True to This, which was a myopic view of Pat Moore this movie will be an open book view of DCP’s life.  With a  balance between surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding it will be a true endeavor.

It also means this film will feature:

  • Snowboarders Terje Haakonsen and Clint Allan
  • Skateboarders David Gonzalez and Manuel Diaz
  • Surfers Taj Burrow and Rizal Tanjung

If you are near ANY premier in the Balance tour, drop everything and go see it. This is gonna be epic!  Check out our calendar for a premier near you found here.

Balance – DCP Profile from Whistler Creek Productions on Vimeo.

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