Muhammad Ali of Snowboarding – Best Shaun Palmer Quotes

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Spark. With water, nothing happens. But, throw gas into the mix… you get an explosion! That same principle applies to athletes and artists. While being good at your craft will lead to opportunities, without an attitude to remember, you won’t catapult yourself to infamy. Shaun Palmer has that “spark”. He might’ve won a string of titles in snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking & motocross, but it was his trash talking that put him into the forefront of extreme sports. Just like Muhammad Ali, he backed up that talk with action. Here’s a few of the best Shaun Palmer snowboard quotes we’ve read or heard over the years.

Best Shaun Palmer Snowboard & MTB Quotes    

“I don’t know why they bother to show up they just humiliate themselves.”

“There’s no f**king drug in the world that could give you a high like that.”

“All I had to do was wear spandex to win, but instead I wore a baggy motocross outfit, because I thought spandex was stupid.”

Shaun Palmer

“Ya know, I might have to quit ’cause it’s just too damn easy for me.”

“When I woke up in the hospital, I knew that I had to do something to turn myself around… a lot of people don’t want me to succeed, but all that does is motivate me to kick their butts and show them I am still the world’s greatest athlete. Clipped in and sober.”

“Boardercross is the best! First guy down wins! No judges, no time clocks, just you, the course and the five other guys! True Grit!”

Image by: Michael Marte

“People say you need to learn how to lose, but I’ve always been scared of that, because if you learn how to lose, you’re never going to care about winning enough to win. I’d rather win it. All of it.”

Shaun Palmer has done a lot for the culture and sport of snowboarding. While everyone is born an original, most of us end up being copies of others. Just like Glen Plake, Shaun is an original. In the end, it’s fine to have people to look up to but you shouldn’t just copy them. Be yourself, speak from your heart, and most of all just like Palm-Daddy did in the 1987 world championship, give a big middle finger when you know its wrong.

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