Top 10 Posts of 2017 as Voted by You

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Every new year, we step back for a moment and see what our readers enjoyed the most from the last 12 months. Most of the entries that make the list make sense, while other times it comes as a shock. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 posts of 2017:

Top 10 Posts of 2017

10. Is the snow still good in June

Snowbird Utah Tram best spring skiing View
Jane Enjoying the Snowbird Tram Image taken by: Jason Cameron

All across Western US and Canada, snowfall records were smashed during the 2016-17 ski season. From Crested Butte receiving 90 inches in 10 days to Lake Tahoe getting assaulted with 282 inches in January, giving it the moniker – “Januburied”, it was a BIG snow year almost everywhere. So, the idea of pushing the season into June or later became a hot topic and we answered the question: “Was the snow even good in June?” As always, it’s not as simple as a “yes” or “no.”

Learn if the snow is still good to ski / snowboard in June

9. Snowboards Made By Locals For Locals – 2017 Edition

Venture Snowboards made in the US 2017 Silverton Colorado snowboard manufacturer
From the parking lot to the finished product – Photo by: Scott DW Smith / The Imagesmith – Courtesy Venture Snowboards

If skinning up a mountain is tough, then making the decision to design, market and build equipment in North America is like climbing Mount Everest. Every year this list changes dramatically with some companies throwing in the towel and shipping production overseas. We’re elated that our readers are just as excited to find brands that are made by Locals for Locals. If you are a skier, be sure to check out our 1st skier’s edition too.

Learn what snowboards are made by locals for locals

8. Snowiest resort in Idaho just doubled in size

Lookout Pass Snow Trees Niagara

Last winter we traveled to a magical land filled with deep snow, uncrowded slopes, historic towns and awesome cuisine. When we heard the news that one of the resorts we visited, Lookout Pass, located near Historic Wallace got approval to expand, it was too good to pass up. We needed to write an article about it and looks like you couldn’t agree more!

Read about the terrain expansion at Lookout Pass and what it means to the region

7. Take a leap of faith… and try the best Via Ferrata in North America

best via ferrata in North America CMH Canadian Mountain Holidays
Mt Nimbus via ferrata at CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures – Image taken by: Gary Unterasinger Courtesy: CMH Summer Adventures

Nothing is more gratifying than to see one of our summer adventures making the list. We love the snow, but visiting the mountains in the summer can be just as exciting. From whitewater rafting to mountain biking, there’s a surplus of activities to try. The coolest one we’ve heard about is Via Ferrata. In between rock climbing and hiking, it’s a perfect way to spend a weekend enjoying the mountains safely but at the same time getting a bit of adrenaline going.

Find out what’s Via Ferrata and where are the best places to try it in North America

6. Top 5 Ski Resorts In North America To Visit During This Thanksgiving

Gettin’ a pow shot at Grand Targhee – skier: Eric Anderson – Photo Courtesy: Grand Targhee Resort and the Idaho Ski Areas Association

For many, turkey day is when the hunger to shred is at its peak. Random flurries can be found happening all across the continent making every skier & snowboarder froth at the mouth. With snow lacking in the major regions of Colorado, Utah and California, we felt the need to highlight where has it been snowing.

Discover which 5 ski resorts in North America had the best start for the 2017-18 season

5. Drive It If You Can

Most Dangerous Roads to Ski Resorts Big Cottonwood Canyon
S-curve up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah. Image taken by: Spencer Bawden

We did not expect this one to make it on the list, but we’re happy it did! There are a lot of terrifying roads to the mountains and seeing how those rank based on things like snowfall, elevation gain, length and switch backs really hit the spot with our readers. Due to its popularity, we’re working on the 2018 edition which will be even more extensive. So, stay tuned!

Learn about which roads to ski resorts that will challenge you

4. How Does The 2017-18 Season Snowfall Compare To Date?

Brad Larsen Tamarack Resort Idaho Powder SlashSkiing & snowboarding is in many ways just like surfing. It’s in the soul of each person to chase after the next big wave or for us snow sliders – snowstorms. At the same time, most of us can’t afford to do that either because we don’t have the time or our bank account won’t let us. This then lends itself for us to look back and see how we’re doing compared to past winters. Is it as bad as it feels? Are we trending towards another great winter?

Here’s a recap of how the 2017-18 ski season compares to last winter as of December 16th

3. The 10 Best Spring Skiing Resorts In North America

Alpine Meadows best spring skiing above treeline
Alpine Meadows Image taken by: DBonny

Another article made the list showing just how much folks wanted to extend their season last spring because of all the snow. The problem with late spring skiing isn’t how much of the white stuff fell, but which resorts stay open and do they preserve snow well. This list is a great example of that.

Want to extend your season? Here are the 10 best spring skiing resorts in North America

2. Who Puts The “King” In Snowmaking?

Snowbasin Snowmaking
Image taken by: Peter Golde – Courtesy of: Snowbasin Resort

Early season is about two things: where are the storms and how big is your resorts’ snowmaking system. In regards to the latter, we haven’t seen anyone post an article comparing the largest systems out there so we decided to do some research. It was difficult to find any information for most West Coast resorts, but for 2018, we hope we can get some more definitive info. Until then, this is the largest list out there.

Find out how the largest snowmaking systems in each region stack up

1. Private Ski Resort Opens To The Public For The First Time In 80 Years

Otsego Ski Club Powder Day Skiing Snowboarding
Mumps Glades at the Otsego Ski Club – Image taken by: Chris Holloway (Flickr: Cbholloway)

And the trophy goes to… talk about an unlikely winner! It didn’t just win but it ran away with the #1 spot. After nearly eighty years of being private, Otsego Ski Club opened its doors to the public. With a history of being the training ground for the Winter Olympics and its deep lake affect snow, this place should be on any Midwesterner’s Must-Hit list this year before the word gets out.

Read about why Otsego Ski Club has gone public and why you should visit this season

After seeing the Local Freshies’® Top 10 posts of 2017, do you have one that stood out for you? Is it one of these Top 10 or is there another post that you liked more?

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