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BAF Wax Skulls

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The year was 2003 on the eve of a powder day. In front of Matt Anderson sat a toolbox filled with waxes. Staring back at him was the eternal question all skiers & snowboarders ask: “What wax should I use for the conditions?” Like all great inventors before him, Matt began to wonder why does it have to be so complicated? Why does wax have to be made out of harmful chemicals? With a degree in Chemistry and years as a culinary chef, he knew he could make something better than what was out on the market. And so… the idea of BAF WAX was born.

One Wax to Rule all Conditions!

BAF Wax Large Skull
Image courtesy – BAF Wax

Great minds think alike, as they say, and Matt is no different. He used his many past experiences to develop his product. During his time enlisted as a Coast Guardsman, the U.S. Coast Guard hammered into each soldier’s psyche: K.I.S.S. – in other words Keep it Simple Stupid. He then reflected back on his time growing up in the surf culture. In surfing, there are only three types of waxes and they’re based on the type of water: Cold, Warm and Tropical. Unfortunately, in the ski/snowboard world, that isn’t the case. For each slight variation in snow temperature and humidity, you’ll find a specific named wax, making it complicated to choose. In fact, it’s downright painful to find the right wax to work in nearly every condition. So, the first goal was born: Eliminate the need of complex thinking so that it could be the BEST wax EVERY day of the year.

100 percent Safe for the environment

BAF Wax Formula 421
Image Courtesy – BAF Wax

For those that have worked in a ski/snowboard shop, you know the ingredients list in wax can be very harmful to your health due to all the chemicals. To just apply them onto your deck, you need a face mask or an expensive ventilation system. And then… after you scrape the skis or snowboards, you must watch out that pets and kids don’t get any shavings in their mouths! Thus, the second goal was born: Make it environmentally safe without harsh chemicals.


With two major goals set, it was time to start testing and finding out how to make the best sliding application out there. First thing Matt discovered is nearly all waxes on the market today come from a small handful of companies. Most others then purchase in bulk from them, melt it down, add some color, re-brand it and triple the price. With his passion for chemistry and not seeing anyone else out there trying to think-outside-the-box, he spent over a decade tweaking and modifying his “recipe” until BAF’s Formula 421 wax was perfected.

Velcro sucks – the science behind the wax!

Typical “velcro conditions” later in the day at Mammoth Mountain

So, why IS BAF WAX the best out there? Well, for starters it comes down to their “special sauce.” Matt’s research found a natural mineral that at the molecular level creates a wall for snow or water to slide past instead of clumping like most of the products out there today. Even graphite, used for spring conditions, clumps up causing you to get that “Velcro” feeling. The best part about Formula 421? The warmer it gets, the more the mineral activates meaning you get more slide. In other words, it’s “Hydrophobic” which means the coefficient of friction is minimal. How minimal? Well compared to brands like One Ball Jay that have a coefficient of 1.2-1.4, BAF clocks in at 0.007!

Just Rub it on – no need to Hot Wax

Another great thing about BAF is that you don’t even have to apply it with an iron if you didn’t want to. Matt has been testing it out on a few decks where they haven’t hot waxed in over two years and it still works nearly as well! This is because BAF doesn’t use straight paraffin like most manufacturers do. Instead, they’ve taken a mixture of multiple temperatures to get a wider range of applications. This translates to allowing you to rub it on and keep sliding forward.

Can you use BAF Wax on Backcountry Gear?

backcountry skiing Lookout Pass splitboarding Wallace Idaho
Splitboard in action skinning up in Lookout Pass backcountry

For those splitboarding or backcountry skiing, there are certain waxes you can’t use on your base or it will ruin your skins by de-gluing them. Well, Matt made sure his formula could take the abuse of the backcountry without abusing your gear. Better yet, since it can be used as a rub-on, it’s perfect to slap some on once you get to the top of your run right before you drop in.

Need Proof?

Sound too good to be true? Well, they’re beginning to make a name for themselves in the snowboarding market. From SIMS using their products for their demo boards to some of our favorite locally made boards such as WI-ME, Snowvibes, Nightmare Snowboards, and a few more coming on board, BAF is out there!

What’s Next?

With the help of their company’s team, the Bomb Squad, they’re putting out a film called Blue Bird. If it’s like their wax, it’ll be pure, straightforward and most of all outside your normal thinking. They’re being carried in shops across California, Nevada, Colorado and expanding constantly. To see the currently list check out their list here. So, if they’re not being carried in your local shop, reach out to them here. We haven’t gotten to use it yet but we’ll let you know as soon as the snow starts stacking up this winter.

2 thoughts on “Made by Locals for Locals – BAF Wax – Keepin’ it Simple Stupid…

  1. This wax is amazing! I read about it here on and knew I had to try it. I was not disappointed. On a cold day (28F) here in Tahoe it performed amazingly, can’t wait to try it in other conditions!

  2. This wax is amazing! I read about it here on and knew I had to try it. I was not disappointed. On a cold day (28F) here in Tahoe and it performed amazingly, can’t wait to try it in other conditions!

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