Start The Year Off Right – 5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Skiers/Snowboarders

Heavenly on a beautiful morning... First Chair but no fresh snow...

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At the beginning of every year people make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, get healthy, or keep the house clean, but what about New Year’s Resolutions for skiers and snowboarders? What are the ski goals that should be checked off as part of a New Year’s Resolution? Here are five ideas that should be on everyone’s checklist for this year.

#1 – Get First Chair on a Powder Day

Heavenly on a beautiful morning... First Chair but no fresh snow...
Heavenly on a beautiful morning… First Chair…

Most people have gotten to a ski resort and stood in line prior to the lifts running, but have you ever taken the FIRST chair on a powder day? There is nothing like it. Similar to the start of the Indy 500 everyone waits in line their inner engines revving with excitement. The chairlift operators suddenly hear the phone ring and they look at the lift booth. The supervisor peaks his head out and gives the nod to start loading. As the operator ushers you to your seat the crowd cheers in excitement as the lift begins its climb upward. Looking underneath the chairlift the mountain resembles a quiet landscape untouched by man or animal begging for the first turns to be taken. As you gaze upward not a single chair in front of you has a person on it…this is a true privilege. There is a sense of accomplishment to be THE first person on a chairlift that is tough to rival.

#2 – Ski/Snowboard a local mountain that you’ve never been to


Untracked fresh groomers at Diamond Peak Ski Resort.
Untracked fresh groomers at Diamond Peak Ski Resort.

Mega-resorts are amazing with their massive terrain that fits everyone’s skill level plus the many, many lift options but that isn’t the soul of the sport. The soul of skiing/snowboarding in the US and Canada is in the little resorts that are off the beaten path. What they may lack in vertical they are rich in culture and great value. This year, it should be on your list to ski or snowboard at a resort that is a bit more off the beaten path.

#3 – Get certified in Avalanche Awareness

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

Going into the backcountry to “earn your turns” has a sense of accomplishment, but to go out in a remote part of a mountain range without any avalanche control is something everyone must be ready to face. To get prepared for this type of adventure it’s a good idea to take an avalanche course. Check out our event calendar to see the upcoming courses available.

#4 – Visit a Ski/Snowboard resort in a different state or province in the Rockies

Photo Taken by Bryan Dearth - Tram station at Alyeska Resort near Girdwood, Alaska - May 28, 2011
Photo Taken by Bryan Dearth – Tram station at Alyeska Resort near Girdwood, Alaska – May 28, 2011

North America is home to one of the greatest mountain ranges in the world and each part of them is unique and amazing. From the high-dessert ski resorts like Taos in New Mexico. To the lowest elevation base of any major ski resort with Alyeska Ski Resort in Alaska there is a TON of great terrain and culture to check out. This is THE year to check out a place you haven’t been to before. To help with planning have a look at our article of the top ski resorts to visit based on the facts here.

#5 – Book your First Heli-skiing Trip

For anyone that has watched a ski or snowboard movie this is the grand-daddy of all bucket list items. Images of skiing/snowboarding down a bowl filled with deep powder with blue-bird skies as the backdrop come to mind. Suddenly, after a few turns down the mountainside a helicopter flies overhead with its rotors flapping racings it way to the bottom. What more could you ask for? Check out our upcoming post when we experience Selkirk Heli-skiing for the first time in our lives in February!!!

No matter where you live or how much you ski or ride, be sure to spice up your season with a few New Year’s Resolutions like the ones listed above.

Got better ski goals for ski/snowboard related resolutions? We want to hear about them! Leave us your ideas and we’ll repost the best.

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