Pretty Faces Ski Movie – The Girls Ski Movie Everyone Should Watch

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A sports film with a name like this it instantly sparks your curiosity.  Most are guaranteed to take a second look. The name is fitting. This is an all-female ski film. Be assured the title didn’t lie.  All the ladies in the show are easy on the eyes. It’s not only about that though…there’s truly more.  The real purpose of Pretty Faces ski movie is to tell “The Story of a Skier Girl.”

The Story Of A Skier Girl

It began with flashbacks as a child. Lynsey Dyer brings the audience along sharing her fond memories of skiing with family and friends.  After a little reminiscing, the first segment sets Lynsey and Rachael Burks on a road trip to Revelstoke.  From the onset, I could have sworn at any moment the old song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was next. This was the true premise of the movie. Every scene of course had the sickest riding, but it touched on something I feel is lost in many movies these days. Lately, it seems only about the biggest line and the most risk.  Those are fun to watch, but sometimes we all need to hit the reset button and remember why we do this.

Skiing Is Supposed To Be Fun!

It’s for the good times. As the crew got bigger, the fun kept ratcheting up. It was infectious. You wished you were there. Angel Collinson, Elyse Sagastad and Lexi Dupont (just to name a few) joined the action. The skills these athletes showcased were phenomenal.  One of my favorite scenes regarding skill, was when Tatum Monod busted a massive double back flip!  Everyone was stoked.  There was no jealousy or hard feelings, only excitement to be a part of the moment.  These ladies love what they do!

Sacrifices Were Made To Pursue The Passion

Most have sacrificed so much to get to where they are. The cast went through several pros who motivated them and made them want to pursue a career in skiing.  When thinking of a pro skier or rider, thoughts of money come to mind.  Pretty Faces ski movie highlighted the fact that huge amounts of hard work and determination go into this.  Being a pro isn’t always as glamorous as one would think.  Just to support their passion the ladies point out some of the odd jobs they have to make the dream a reality.  Some wash windows, waitress and fight fires to be a skier.   There’s something to be learned from this.  If we set a path to achieve our dreams, passions and goals, nothing can stop us.

A Must See For Girls And Guys

Hats off to Unicorn Picnic for a sick film that will inspire the next generation. Local Freshies take, this is a must see for girls or guys of any age. Pretty Faces ski movie has great action, a great message and a great cause.  

Pretty Faces – The Story of a Skier Girl – Trailer from Unicorn Picnic Productions on Vimeo.

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