Season Update: Plan A Trip To Ski New Mexico Now!

powder slash at ski santa fe new mexico prior to the storm Tequila Sunrise with only a few inches of new snow - Photo by: Local Freshies®

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For those that have been watching our Facebook and Twitter feeds, we left the snow-less Tahoe region and headed south. Yes, south for a few weeks to Ski New Mexico. In today’s day and age, there’s a massive focus on storm chasing. Powder this or multiple feet of that. It wasn’t until I stepped into the “Land of Enchantment” my pace slowed and my mind opened to the world around me. If the snow is almost ALWAYS good, does it need to be powder? In New Mexico… the answer is NO.

el farolitos christmas lights new mexico santa fe
Farolitos in Santa Fe New Mexico – Photo by: Local Freshies®

A State Filled With One-Of-A Kind Ski Destinations

The one thing about skiing in New Mexico that astounded us is how different each place is.

Santa Fe

historic art building on Canyon Road in santa fe new mexico
One of the many historic Pueblo-style homes on Santa Fe’s Canyon Road – Photo by: Local Freshies®

For those that LOVE the culinary experience alongside a day on the slopes, Ski Santa Fe and the town with the same name is where it’s at. Be sure to set aside an extra day or two the explore what the tourism bureau touts as the “city different.” The entire downtown area and the famous Canyon Road are all walkable and feel almost like an outdoor art museum.


Angel Fire

nitro powder slash at angel fire resort in ski new mexico
Colin Wheeler sampling some of that dry New Mexican powder – Photo by: Local Freshies®

Sometimes you need to experience the VIP treatment when on a skiing or snowboarding vacation. Angel Fire has outstanding customer service and grooming like Beaver Creek but without the hefty price tag or condescending feel. Even days after a storm, we found knee-deep untracked powder in their hike-to zone.


Daniel Gibson taos
Daniel Gibson showing us where the good steeps are in Taos – Photo by: Local Freshies®

If you want an assortment of steeps like Jackson Hole but without the aggressive attitude, Taos is king. While the acreage may sound small on paper, Taos skis bigger as the geography of the mountain forces you to start at the top and ski each trail separately. No traversing. And of course… one of the coolest bars EVER – the Bavarian. Check out our article: Suite Dreams – Best Taos Lodges To Stay At On Your Next Vacation to peruse places to stay in and around Taos.


Red River

Motherlode Saloon in red river new mexico
The Motherlode Saloon in Red River – Photo by: Local Freshies®

When we first arrived at the town of Red River, we couldn’t put our finger on it. Was it a tourist town like Hannibal, Missouri? Maybe a hard-core ski village like Cooke City, Montana? It wasn’t until the next day we realized it’s its own unique place. Red River Ski Area has it all. Hidden terrain as steep as Taos that’s rarely skied (albeit shorter) next to perfect fall line groomers and a mellow section for kids to play in. All that and a music venue that many consider the birthplace of the Austin music scene.

Why You Should Plan A Trip To Ski New Mexico This March

snowboarder at red river ski area new mexico on the groomers
Enjoying TRUE packed powder at Red River Ski Area – Photo by: Local Freshies®

The word “packed powder” takes on a different meaning in New Mexico, just like your soul will feel when coming here. Push away those misconceptions and embrace the “different” lifestyle. There’s a reason why artists like Georgia O’Keeffe called this place home. It begs to be gazed upon and appreciated.

Snowpack Is WAY Above Average

Statistics from:

While California has been pretty dry, New Mexico has been afforded lots of snow. In fact, the snowpack at each of the ski areas is way above average meaning that March will be amazing.

March Is Their Snowiest Month

powder slash at ski santa fe new mexico prior to the storm
Proof is in the pudding… the snow is still soft at Ski Santa Fe days after a storm – Photo by: Local Freshies®

Although many think mid-winter is the best time to visit ski resorts for snow, you’d be shocked to realize that January is normally one of the drier months for the ski season. March is THE snowiest month for snowfall to ski New Mexico.

This is only a taste of what is to come from our adventures in New Mexico. Be on the lookout this fall as we delve deep into everything ski New Mexico has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Season Update: Plan A Trip To Ski New Mexico Now!

  1. Great to see the largely undiscovered New Mexico scene is getting some coverage from such notable authorities in the field! I look forward to the longer follow up reports but thanks for the teasers here!

  2. I’ve been skiing Red River Ski and Summer Area the last four years. The lifts start right in town. You can walk out or your lodge pick up the lift to the top. Great for family skiing or riding. And yeas there are two very nice parks. One easy and the other really challenging. Love Red River, NM

  3. Thanks for giving Angel Fire a much-deserved shout out. This hidden little gem has a lot to offer; great ski-school, local brewery, and way more affordable than Colorado!

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