Stocking stuffer idea for skiers and snowboarders

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The clock is ticking towards Christmas and fortunately you still have enough time to find a gift for your fellow skiers or snowboarders.  Having trouble finding a gift?  Looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for Skiers Snowboarders?  Don’t worry… we got you covered.  A DVD!  There is nothing like a movie to get you in the mood for a day on the slopes.  Here are a few of our favorites based on the type of person:

For the deep socially-conscious skier:

Matchstick Productions – Ruin and Rose

Matchstick has always made cinematic films that are different.  Each year they put out a film that focuses on a theme and this year’s is a narrative about global warming, climate change, war, and what our future might look like if we humans continue on our course of rampant resource consumption.  For a full review go here.


For the rail wizard skier:

Level 1 Productions – Pleasure

The latest installment by Level 1 isn’t your typical snow-porn flick.  It injects energy and creativity that both skiing AND snowboarding are lacking in this day and age. It isn’t always about powder. It’s about having fun even if the snow isn’t perfect. It’s about the friendships you make.  That is what this film truly exudes and it’s amazing.  For the full review go here.


For the nostalgic snowboarder:

Standard Films – Totally Board Boxed Sets

If you’re an older snowboarder, you typically have seen one or two of the movies made by Mike and Dave Hatchett.  These brothers made films that weren’t like anything else before or after them.  They introduced the large personalities in snowboarding like: Noah Salasnek, Terje Haakonsen, and Brian Iguchi just to name a few.  So many of the firsts in snowboarding were captured by these cinematographic geniuses.  The best part of this gift would be that it isn’t just one film but an entire boxed set filled with ALL their films!


For the artistic snowboarder:

Absinthe – After Forever

Justyn Hostynek has been at it for so many years and his films never fail in the cinematic artistry realm.  Absinthe’s movies feel different than any other company out there.  You can see the amount of pain-staking time they put into each and every movie.  If that wasn’t enough, the level of riding is always the best you’ll see in the season.  Personally, I own their last five films and will be purchasing their latest one too.  To read more about Absinthe and their roster of films go here.


For the adrenaline junkie snowboarder:

Red Bull Media – The Fourth Phase

Travis Rice is a legend in the action sports realm not just for winning competitions, but taking snowboard films to the next level.  These aren’t just some quick fly by night flicks, but rather sagas into the psyche of Travis and his crew.  It’s been a few years since the last installment “Art of Flight”, but based on the trailer, this new film goes deeper than the previous two and looks just as exciting for those adrenaline junkies out there.


These are just a sampling of the amazing films out there.  Pick one up for your fellow shredder, and if you can, be sure to buy the DVD or Blue-ray through your local shop to help support your community this holiday season.

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