What comes AfterForever? Everything.

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What is absinthe? Scientifically, it’s defined as a distilled alcohol made from herbs, spices, and water. In historical literature, it was described as the “green fairy” due to its color and hallucinogenic properties. This obscurity and legend fits perfect for the snowboard filming company Absinthe Films. Each year, they come out with a new film that is distinctive, elusive, and most importantly cutting edge. Their films have that mind-bending element, transporting you into the mountains where these professionals continue to push (and twist) the envelope.  From introducing Travis Rice to the masses and producing videos that are timeless include this year’s film: Absinthe Afterforever.




Absinthe’s camera angles, music selections, and roster of riders really set the landscape, making their film’s works of art that last way past their release dates and can be watched for years to come.  This year’s film is called – /fterforever.

In Absinthe’s words

Change is the only constant.

Resistance leads to stagnation and suffering while embracing it brings growth.

What comes AfterForever? Everything.

If you are anywhere near a movie-tour stop, we highly suggest dropping everything and go check it out!  To see the full list of tour stops, click here to look at our calendar.  Be sure to check back often as we continue to update it.

What to expect

Cinematic artistry, big backcountry lines, deep powder, creative urban tricks,

and most of all a helluva good time

Check out the trailer



Brandon Cocard

Mark Sollors

Cale Zima

Kimmy Fasani

Manuel Diaz

Garrett Warnick

Severin Van Der Meer

Brendan Gerard

Mat Schar

Jaegar Bailey

Austen Sweetin

Ethan Deiss

Max Buri


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