Telemark Skiing is NOT dead – The Story Behind A Telemark Tale

JAPOW! Skier: Ty Dayberry - Photo by: Bjorn Bauer

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When publications say that something is dead, this typically is the furthest thing from the truth. Instead, it means that it’s raw, unfiltered and most of all, an opportunity to create something that is so original and mind boggling, it will bring out a revolution. Every time Ty Dayberry steps in front of a camera, you feel the beginning of a new chapter… not just in Telemark, but rather skiing as a whole. While Powder might say it’s dead, once you watch a Telemark Tale, you’ll realize they’re wrong.

Ty Dayberry… Leader Of The New School

Ty Dayberry Lake Tahoe Telemark Skiing Powder Shot Future Freeheel
Ty getting after it in Future Freeheel

Last year, Ty put out an insane film called Future Freeheel. In his words, “Telemark isn’t skiing or snowboarding… but it’s own thing.” We happen to agree. The film feels like you’re hearing the first A Tribe Called Quest album. Something so different and so creative that it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. So, what to do for 2018?

Tight Crew Leads To Bigger Ideas

Ty Dayberry A Telemark Tale Mountain Grown Media telemark powder skiing
Skier: Ty Dayberry – Photo by: Bjorn Bauer

Back in 2014, the greatest event of the year for Telemark skiing was the annual Big Mountain Telemark Competition held at Grand Targhee. At that event, Ty met Bevan Waite. They could tell they were both passionate about the sport and their personalities fit. Over the years, they continued to cross paths and always talked about working together to make a film. The goal was simple. To help re-energize the Telemark community. To make something that would be good for the sport.

Something Huge Was Happening

JAPOW! Skier: Ty Dayberry – Photo by: Bjorn Bauer

It wasn’t until Bevan moved up to Lake Tahoe that this idea really came to fruition. The original concept was supposed to be a short five-minute film, but little did Bevan know that it was going to become bigger. Much, much bigger! Things changed around Christmas. Their good friend Sven, a guide in Japan, reached out to them. He surprised them with a trip to his neck of the woods if they could make it out there. Not wasting the opportunity, both Bevan and Ty bought a ticket and flew out to the powder mecca of the world… Japow!

Telemark Tale – A True Story Of The Ups & Downs Of A Season Well Ridden

Energized from their international travels, the short video suddenly morphed into a bigger project. Bevan began to document their journey and the ups & downs of their entire winter. Get ready for a ride unlike any you’ve been on before.

A Telemark Tale Tour For 2018

Sure, you can watch it when it’s finally released… but let’s be honest. That’s no fun! Why not see it in front of hundreds of passionate snow fans at one of the many premieres happening this month!

Now that we got you all hyped, where you can see this project in person?

Outdoor Gear Exchange

Burlington, Vermont
November 8th, 2018


Alibi Ale Works – Tap Room

Incline Village, Nevada
November 9th, 2018


South Lake Brewing Company

South Lake Tahoe, California
November 16th, 2018


Shades Brewing

Salt Lake City, Utah
November 16th, 2018


Crazy Mountain Brewery

Denver, Colorado
November 17th, 2018


Mountain Shop

Portland, Oregon
November 27th, 2018

FREE w/ Libations Provided

Stay tuned, as we continue to update this list.

It’s not often you get a chance to see the first film by a crew as historic as Ty Dayberry & Bevan Waite. If you’re near any of these showings, you should check it out. It’ll be well worth it!

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