Lake Louise Resort

Lake Louise Ski Resort Photo by: Reuben Krabbe - Image appears courtesy: SkiBig3

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Photo by: Reuben Krabbe – Image appears courtesy: SkiBig3

The Lake Louise Ski Resort is a special mountain to ride. Places like this don’t really exist anymore and if they do they’re going extinct in most parts of North America. Typically, resorts today have a huge village filled with every amenity possible. Lake Louise is different. It’s still pure, unique and most importantly embraces its environment. As a tribute to this great land, a beautiful wooden day lodge sits at the base. It’s a great place to finish preparing for the day ahead or to meet with your group.

Not Everything Is Bigger In Texas

As you soon as you hop on the Grizzly Gondola, the realization of just how expansive the terrain is at Lake Louise will begin to sink in. You’ve heard the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” well Lake Louise took that statement to heart in terms of ski resort size. Even if ma’ nature doesn’t provide much in the way of fresh stuff, the Lake Louise grooming crew knows how lay down the corduroy particularly on the front side. As you lay in your first carve and look across the valley the views of this “young” mountain range will blow you away.

The Real Secret Is The Backside Of Lake Louise

While the front side of the mountain is massive, the real secret to Lake Louise is the backside. If the front side is Mr. Hyde then the backside is definitely Dr. Jekyll. It’s wild and gnarly on the backside. Huge cliffs to massive bowls are filled with snow. There’s even a few tight glades just to keep things going…. It’s tough to describe how massive this mountain really is. You could literally spend days or weeks trying to ride it all. Even longer if you’re trying to find all the secret stashes that only locals know.

For those looking for some decent sized moguls on steep terrain then check out Paradise Bowl. Even days after a storm the snow will most likely be forgiving enough to allow you to make turns where you want. With over 139 runs and back bowls to explore there’s A LOT to try.