Lake Louise

Locals playing hockey on frozen Lake Louise.

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If Lake Tahoe is the jewel of the Sierra then Lake Louise is the diamond in the crown of the Canadian Rockies. And sitting right on the shores of Lake Louise is the famed Fairmont Chateau. For many, you’ve seen this hotel and let us tell you that it’s even more magnificent in person. As you scamper past the hotel suddenly the shores of Lake Louise come into view. Surrounded almost completely by a steep u-shaped canyon it seems like nature is cupping the lake and presenting it to you as a gift. Looking past it your eyes will drift upward.

Lake Louise – The Sistine Chapel Of Ice Skating

In the distance, a glacier can be seen dangling on the side of the mountain. The only sound you hear are ice skates slashing the ice and a crack of a puck hitting a stick. In the winter, employees of the hotel can be seen playing a pickup game of hockey. Standing there you take in the moment and smile. This is truly the natural Canadian version of the Sistine Chapel.