Mount Bohemia Ski Resort

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Venture to a ski area that is like an 80’s punk band… raw, loud, and gritty!

Mount Bohemia Travel Guide
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After a refreshing night of sleep your up early and head for the destination. Mt. Bohemia. Pulling into the parking lot you easily find a spot. Silencing the engine and opening the door the first impression of this place is the rawness. Mt. Bohemia has a policy to not groom anything…PERIOD! It’s filled with trees, stacked with large cliffs, and a policy to allow you to ride anything!

Why visit Mount Bohemia?

  • Deep Powder
  • No crowds
  • Only Cat Skiing Operation east of the Mississippi
  • Steeps that would challenge a lot of Resorts out West

It’s the Midwest, how much can it snow really?

Mount Bohemia Travel Guide Lake Superior Winter
Image appears courtesy: Mount Bohemia

Surrounded by Lake Superior this mountain gets pummeled with more lake effect than any other place in the “UP”. In other parts of the country skiers and snowboarders have to wait for a storm to show up. At Mt. Bohemia it’s a different story. The snow falls consistently, light and dry and it stacks up high. Their average of 270 inches, falls across a period of four months while ski resorts out West usually get that amount in six! It is VERY normal for it to snow 30 days straight without a break. Yes, THIRTY! This is a true heaven for powder junkies.