Wildhorn Ski Goggles – Review Of The Roca & Pipeline

Wildhorn Outfitters Roca & Pipeline Snow Goggles with Drift Helmet Photo by: Local Freshies®

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I’ll be honest. Just a few months ago, I never even heard of Wildhorn Outfitters®. When they reached out to us to demo some of their products, we thought why not? We always aim to be open minded and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. After a few days on the slopes, here’s our review of the Wildhorn Ski Goggles.



Before we say yes to any company, we do our personal best to do our own homework and research. We ask questions like who is this company? What are they about? What’s their mission? Although we don’t get paid directly by the manufacturer to write reviews, we do earn a few dollars from you clicking on the links below if you do buy a product from them.

Who Is Wildhorn Outfitters®?

Started in 2015 by two brothers, Mark and Scott quit their jobs to set off on their own adventure by starting this brand. In their words, they make “gear for discovery” and not just snow either. Their products include everything from snorkeling, hiking, camping, beach activities, and of course ski/snowboard gear.


Support The Environment

Coral Reefs directly support over 500 million people as a food source and income generator. Unfortunately, these reefs are struggling. Just in 2016 alone, the Great Barrier saw 29% of its coral get bleached. In short, these reefs turn white and die. Wildhorn Outfitters® was founded to do something good, so they started a charity called Reef 2 Leaf. This grant financially supports restoration efforts and actively educates the public about this issue.

Review Of Wildhorn Ski Goggles

They say packaging is a critical component that many companies don’t even consider. You’re spending your well-earned money on a product, so you want to be at least “wooed” a bit before you even pick up the product. And it’s usually a big problem in landfills too. Wildhorn put some thought on all of that.

Wildhorn Outfitters Packaging Of Their Products
The packaging the Wildhorn Outfitters® products come in – Photo by: Local Freshies®

Both models of the Wildhorn ski goggles came in a recyclable paper bag with some cool graphics on them. The packaging is so durable that you could use it for something else like a lunch bag for the slopes. It shows that they care about the environment.

Comes With Storage Bag

Like most other goggle brands, they come with a nice soft cloth bag to store the goggles so that they don’t get scratched or ruined. We’ve gone one step further in our goggle storage and bought a padded container specifically designed for it.


Aurora Lens Technology

No matter which Wildhorn ski goggles you pick up, they use the same lens technology that the company has patented called Aurora. They provide the full 100% UV protection needed even on cloudy days, and depending on the lens you pick, the right amount of VLT for the conditions. If you want to learn more on what is VLT, why it’s important, and how to pick the best goggle, be sure to visit our article: Get Your “Eye” On The Best Ski / Snowboard Goggles Out There.

Wildhorn Roca Goggles

Wildhorn Roca Snow Goggles on a sunny winter's day
Photo by: Local Freshies®

For the price of under $70, the Roca snow goggles are a steal. They don’t feel like that at all. The frame itself is super flexible allowing for it to contour to your face perfectly. And its smaller size fits better for a small to medium sized face. The standard straps allow you to adjust the size appropriately.


Changing Lenses Is A Snap

When it comes to changing lenses, it’s a snap. On either side, there’s a small hinge you unclip. Similar to the $200 Anon M2, the lenses are attached with magnets. These magnetic clips make it easy to make sure they “pop” back in.

Wildhorn Pipeline Goggles

Wildhorn Ski Goggles Pipeline Model With Black Lens
Photo by: Local Freshies®

The flagship model of the Wildhorn Ski Goggles are the Pipeline. These bad boys have the same features you find in the Roca googles but with a few additional bells and whistles. For starters, the lenses are MUCH bigger providing a bit more peripheral vision. This also means they fit better for a person with a larger face. Secondly, the straps are a bit beefier and have some sticky adhesive to make sure that if they’re on a helmet or hat, they won’t budge.

How Was It Riding With Them

Wow. I have to say for the price range, these goggles were like Rocky Balboa against Apollo Creed. They fight above their price and kick ass. Even with a face mask on inside or outside, there was almost no fogging issues. Heck, they worked even better than my Oakley’s in that department.


What They Lack

You have to remember these are still goggles for under $100. Just like buying a home that’s $100,000 more in the same neighborhood, you’ll start seeing differences like granite countertops and paver driveways. For example, the Oakley Prizm lenses or Smith’s ChromaPop provide extra clarity alongside the tint, putting them in a different ballpark. But, you have to pay for that difference. Although the peripheral vision is better on the Pipeline Wildhorn Ski Goggles, they also aren’t quite as big as the Oakley Canopy goggle.

Should You Buy Them?

If you’re a cost conscientious person, these are the real deal Holyfield. You’ll get a great pair of Wildhorn Ski goggles that will work amazingly on the slopes. The lens changing system is easy and spot on. They have one of the best fits to ski/snowboard helmets we’ve ever seen. Not a bit of space at all between the helmet and the top of the googles. In summary, we’re impressed with their product, especially how much they cost. For more on what to look for in ski & snowboard equipment, how to tune your gear, and even a comprehensive packing list so you don’t forget stuff for your ski vacation, visit our gear page below:

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