Cat Skiing in the Midwest?!?

Midwest Cat Skiing Mt Bohemia

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The West is full of cat skiing operations from Lake Tahoe all the way up to the Powder Highway. There’s even an opportunity to ride a snowcat at Sugarbush Ski resort to enjoy first tracks. Sadly though, there’s no REAL cat skiing experience east of the Rockies. Well, that’s no longer the truth! The Midwest is now on the cat skiing map as Mount Bohemia decided to open up an operation called Voodoo Mountain.

Where’s Voodoo Mountain?

Midwest Cat Skiing Mt Bohemia
Image courtesy: Voodoo Mountain

When describing Michigan, people show their hand as a ‘mitten’ and point to identify where they live or are from. Voodoo Mountain isn’t located in the ‘mitten’ but rather in the Upper Peninsula. Not unlike a matching pair of mittens, when ‘Yoopers‘ clarify where Voodoo Mountain is, they turn their hand sideways, conveniently shaped like the UP, and point to the furthest northern tip. Voodoo Mountain is located just down the road from the historic Copper Harbor, a 19th century port previously used for mining and shipping copper. It has now become home base for great off-the-grid outdoor activities including snowmobiling and now, cat skiing!

How big is the Midwest cat skiing operation?

Voodoo Mountain is in its 2nd season offering over 200 acres across two peaks, with a vertical drop of 700′. With an anticipated expansion, the terrain will stretch 2.5 miles wide, covering over 1,400 skiable acres across four peaks. From each of these peaks, you’ll be treated to splendid views of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes.

Midwest Cat Skiing Mt Bohemia
Image courtesy: Voodoo Mountain

What makes a great cat skiing operation?

Midwest Cat Skiing Mt Bohemia
Image courtesy: Voodoo Mountain

Stunning scenery is awesome, but what makes a place great for a cat skiing operation?  The primary factor is all about the snow. The essentials are simple:

  • Consistent snowstorms
  • Cold weather
  • Oodles of snow

Voodoo Mountain is very fortunate in where it’s situated.  It’s locale makes it the BEST place in the Midwest for such an operation.  Out West, you need to wait for a snowstorm to show up and dump snow.  In the UP, as long as it’s cold and the wind is blowing from the W, NW or N, the best ‘snow-making machine’ on the planet naturally dumps insane amounts of light, dry snow over it’s acreage.  Lake Superior helps keep the air temperatures cold in the Spring, ensuring a long ski season as well.  Finally, all the aspects are North facing, making sure that the fresh snow is preserved until late into Spring.

The Details

Midwest Cat Skiing Mt Bohemia
Image courtesy: Voodoo Mountain

If all that wasn’t enough, the cost for a day of cat skiing is equivalent to one lift ticket at Vail or Breckenridge ski resort AND you don’t need to hop a flight if you live in the Midwest.

  • Cost: $150 pp / day
  • Season: December 28 – March 25

If you have 16 friends that love to ride (and you can organize them), you can book a WHOLE cat for the day at $1,850, making it only $108 pp.  For more info, head to their website found here.

Cat skiing is a blast and you don’t have to always travel far to enjoy it! If you haven’t tried it, consider giving it a go and let us know how it was.

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