Local Freshies® 2.0 – The Next Generation For Your Ski-Town Scoop!

Local Freshies 2.0 website revamp

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When we started Local Freshies® nearly five years ago our goal was simple – Become the #1 website for the ‘local scoop’ on where to eat, drink, and play in mountain towns throughout North America. As our content has steadily grown, the website got a bit cumbersome to use on mobile & find cool things like our Travel Guides. So, we joined forces with Hatchback Creative and voila! After a year of hard work designing, planning, and building, we’re proud to announce our website revamp is complete. Or as we like to call it, Local Freshies® 2.0!

Travel Guides

First, we upgraded our Travel Guide section. While the original travel guides were nice, they were a bit… bulky. On our new website, we’ve totally re-organized so that the content is easy to find and navigate. Each region, such as the West, includes things like upcoming events, our latest blog posts related to the region, and easy access to the ski town travel guides.

Ski Town Travel Guides

Local Freshies Best Cheap Eats MapDrill down one level deeper & you get to our ski town travel guides. Within these pages, we have a section focusing on places to eat and drink along with the area’s latest blog posts. Last but not least, we have a section giving you the 4-1-1 on all the activities you can do from ski resort guides to hot springs and everything in between. Here’s a couple examples of our travel guides:

Lake Tahoe


Eat & Drink Section

Local Freshies Best Places To Eat Ski TownsJust because you’re in a mountain town, doesn’t mean you have to eat crappy chain restaurant food. Like those hidden gems in big cities, ski towns are filled with cozy spots that people just zip on by because they don’t know about them. Similar to Thrillist, our Eat & Drink section helps the ski & snowboarding foodie find those spots.

All Thanks To You!

It’s been over four years since we traded in our cushy corporate jobs to make a go at our passion which is to write & promote small businesses in mountain towns/cities. While the corporate world paychecks were nice, the opportunity to do what we love every day is even greater. We hope you love our new investment and we can’t say thank you enough for reading our content.

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