Mountains In Summer – 10 Ski Towns To Visit That You Never Heard Of

Summer Ski Towns to visit in the Summer Girdwood Alyeska Alaska Tram Photo by: Ralph Kristopher - Image appears courtesy: Alyeska Resort

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Of course, this list could be another listing of “easy” resorts to name like Lake Tahoe, Park City, or Jackson Hole. Instead of showcasing the popular mountains in summer destinations, we decided to focus on some lesser known spots. Here’s 10 mountain towns to visit in the summer and why.

June Lake, California

cyclist on shoulder pedaling up June Lake Overlook with the mountains and June Lake behind him
It’s no wonder it’s called OH! Ridge – Photo by: Local Freshies®

Located in what has affectionately been nicknamed the Swiss Alps of California is the cozy village of June Lake. While its boisterous neighbor Mammoth Lakes hosts adrenaline pumping activities like Via Ferrata and mountain biking, June Lake is like the cool yet confident sibling. It knows what it has and doesn’t need to show it off.

The town is also coming into its own renaissance as you can read about in our article: Something Exciting is Happening on The June Lake Loop. The same named scenic byway the town sits on is filled with dramatic Sierra peaks and alpine vistas. A chain of gorgeous lakes one after another feature some of the best fishing in the state all nestled in the steep, horseshoe shaped canyon. You’ll also find world-class road cycling, hiking, boating, horseback riding, camping, and one of our favorite beer spots: June Lake Brewing or for those that enjoy wine, the Lift has an awesome selection of wines too. 

Invermere, British Columbia

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Invermere British Columbia Powder Highway Panorama
Image appears courtesy: Invermere On The Lake

When someone talks about mountain biking in Canada, the first place that comes up is Whistler. Even though this is a great option, for those looking for less crowded trails and a more relaxed vibe, you need to look east at Panorama & the town of Invermere. The resort’s bike park is annually voted as one of the best mtb parks in Canada and a harbor of cycling fun that features natural features for all abilities alongside some man-made expert obstacles.

Of course, summer fun in the mountains isn’t just about bike riding. You can also go for a leisurely kayak on Lake Windermere, whitewater raft on the Kootenay, or hop on an ATV with Toby Creek Adventures. For those that enjoy hiking, be sure to add Lake of the Hanging Glacier on the itinerary. Around ten miles in length, it features rushing rivers, impressive waterfalls, serene forests, and of course massive glaciers. After a day full of adventure, you can go soak away those sore muscles at either Radium or Fairmont Hot Springs.

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Invermere British Columbia Powder Highway Panorama
Image appears courtesy: Invermere On The Lake

Angel Fire, New Mexico

mountain biking wall ride at Angel Fire Resort
Home to the largest mountain bike park in the Rockies – Image appears courtesy: Angel Fire Resort

One of the biggest issues out West is many locations don’t get any rain at all. Zilch. That might actually sound nice, but by late July and August, mountain biking terrain begins to form into what many call “moondust.” What normally would be a benign singletrack becomes unpredictable. Corners are loose. The dirt becomes talcum powder-like.

There’s a mythical place called Angel Fire in the southwest that doesn’t have that issue very often. The dirt is clay-like. Occasional afternoon summer thunderstorms keep the trails relatively tacky. The temps stay pretty temperate due to their elevation of over 8,000 feet. In addition to being voted by riders for the seventh time on MTBparks as the Best in the Southwest, it also hosts a vast assortment of other activities such as hiking trails, golfing, and even fishing. And you aren’t too far from the bustling metropolitan spots like Santa Fe or Taos if you want to do some shopping or sightseeing. Lastly, be sure to set aside some time in the evening to see how the region got its name “Angel Fire.” Hint: It’s from the sunsets.

Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth Washington
Image by 1004us from Pixabay

There’s plenty of gorgeous sea-side towns in Washington such as Poulsbo which locals call the “Viking City.” But when it comes to mountain towns, Leavenworth is the shining example in the region. Just east of Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains, it looks like a town you’d see in southern Germany. Originally a lumber town, it resembled more Deadwood than a Bavarian village until the 1960’s. It was when the lumber industry shutdown, town leaders knew that they had to do something or it would become a ghost town. So, they embraced their alpine surroundings and revitalized the center of town to look like a Bavarian Village. Expect to hear lots of German songs, smell tasty brats sizzling on a grill, and see stucco-covered buildings. And keep your eyes peeled for ospreys and eagles that make their home on the waterfront park of the river that runs through town.  

Traverse City, Michigan

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Traverse City Michigan
©Tony Demin – Image appears courtesy: Traverse City Tourism

With the exception of New York, Michigan boasts more ski areas than any other state. And the most famous one is Boyne, next to the cozy resort town of Traverse City. Even though in the winter it makes sense that skiers & snowboarders look West to the hulking peaks to feed their need for powder turns, in the summer, this place blooms for summer fun. Nestled on the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan, it’s well worth the trip. From scenic lake views so big you can’t see the other side to exhilarating mountain bike adventures on the 4,000 acres surrounding Boyne Highlands to the annual festivals like the National Cherry Festival, the opportunities for fun are endless. It makes sense why this hamlet was named the best small town in America in 2015 AND 2016.

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Traverse City Michigan
©Tony Demin – Image appears courtesy: Traverse City Tourism

Wallace, Idaho

Wallace Idaho Hiawatha Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer
Image appears courtesy: Historic Wallace Chamber Of Commerce

In 2004, Wallace declared itself as the “center of the universe”, and just like this proclamation, this funky town is truly one-of-a kind. Even though it’s home to only 800 permanent residents, Wallace’s history could fill an entire book. From being the “Silver Capital of the World” to the ONLY spot on a U.S. interstate with a stop light, its colorful past is well worth the visit in itself.

It’s also home to amazing cuisine & crossroads to FIVE nationally recognized trails. These aren’t your normal everyday bike trails either. The Route of the Hiawatha is a fifteen mile rail-to-trail project featuring seven trestles and ten now defunct train tunnels. The trestles are as high as 230 feet and the tunnels are up to 1.7 miles in length. And for those looking for a bit more adrenaline pumping fun, only ten minutes from downtown is the world-class lift accessed mountain biking at Silver Mountain, offering up 3,400’ vertical feet of riding! There’s a lot to do when it comes to summer fun in the mountains.

Ouray, Colorado

mountains in summer Ouray Colorado
Image by artturner from Pixabay

The state of Colorado has no shortage of amazing towns. Beautiful, vibrant, and easy access to a host of activities. One that slips below the radar to visit for mountains in summer is Ouray. Nearly 300 miles away from the bustling metropolitan of Denver, it keeps the crowds to a minimum. Situated in a tight box canyon, many consider it similar to a town you’d find in Switzerland due to the hulking 14,000 foot peaks of the San Juans surrounding it.

Besides the jaw-dropping scenery, the area is known for its world-class OHV off-roading as we highlighted in our article: The best destinations for off roading at a ski-town near you. For road cyclists, the mountain passes and county roads pose some pretty big challenges and mountain bikers can test their mettle on the R.A.T. or Ridgway Area Trail system. And after you’re done exploring the countryside, enjoy a soak in the hot springs. Don’t worry, they’re sulfer-free. No rotten egg smell here to ruin the ambiance.

Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Mont Sainte Anne Quebec
Photo By: Olivier Croteau – Image appears courtesy: Mont Sainte Anne Resort

For those looking to escape the mid-summer heat, there’s no “cooler” spot than Mont Sainte Anne. Renowned as the “mecca” of mountain biking in Eastern Canada. With the LARGEST cross-country bike network in Eastern Canada, it offers more than 80 miles of trails to ride alongside 23.1 miles of it being accessible via chairlift. Combine that with one-of-a kind endeavors like Via Ferrata, endless hiking opportunities, paragliding and jaw-dropping views of the mighty Saint Lawrence, and you can’t go wrong. Not enough? Only 30 minutes away is the capital of the province Quebec City. The city dates to 1535 and contains the ONLY fortified city walls remaining in the Americas north of Mexico alongside having world class cuisine.

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Mont Sainte Anne Quebec
Photo By: Patrick Fallon – Image appears courtesy: Mont Sainte Anne Resort

Girdwood, Alaska

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Girdwood Alaska glaciers
Image appears courtesy:

For skiers & snowboarders, Alaska sets the bar for the steepest and most challenging terrain. Countless videos and magazines have showcased the insane peaks in this state. But summertime in Girdwood offers up even more adventures & endless daylight to get it all in. Nicknamed the “Last Frontier”, it’s truly stacked with wildness like no other place. From seeing grizzlies in the wild, salmon spawning, and of course the most popular attraction is the Portage glacier cruise. These vessels take you within 300 yards of the glaciers as they split and crash directly into the ocean. But that’s not all! Alyeska Resort serves up lift accessed mountain biking on the weekends. Or for the water variety, hop into a kayak in the Prince William Sound and really get a feel of this beautiful place.

Best Ski Towns To Visit In The Summer Girdwood Alaska Alyeska Resort Mountain Biking
Photo by: Ralph Kristopher – Image appears courtesy: Alyeska Resort

Government Camp, Oregon

Image Taken by: Tanner DeGiovanni; Mt Hood on a beautiful summer’s day

Last but not least, we couldn’t have this list of ski towns to visit in the summer without including Timberline. For those skiers & snowboarders that NEED to ski in the summer as well, it’s home to the ONLY perennial ski resort that’s ALWAYS open. If that wasn’t enough, you have world-class hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail AND the National Historic Landmark Timberline Lodge. To top it all off, you’re only 60 miles away from the eclectic city of Portland.

As us “snow addicts” wait for winter to return for skiing, we don’t have to get depressed. Instead, make lemonade out of those summertime lemons & get that adventure fix by visiting one of these awesome ski towns in the summer. Happy trails to all!

5 thoughts on “Mountains In Summer – 10 Ski Towns To Visit That You Never Heard Of

  1. There is no place called Timberline, Oregon. The ski town is called Government Camp that is adjacent to Timberline resort (and others).

    1. Hey Dan, good point! I’ll update accordingly haven’t been back in almost a decade need to make a trip back sooner rather than later.

  2. The Route of the Hiawatha is operated by the local ski area – Ski Lookout Pass which in addition to the Hiawatha Scenic Bike Trail is now offering Scenic Lift Rides on its new Peak 1 Quad and Family oriented Downhill Mtn. Biking, along with a 9-hole Frisbee Golf Course at the summit. Wallace is an awesome town with fun events including their Blues Festival.

  3. Mont Sainte Anne is a good destination for visitors looking for a 2-3 day ski getaway. The hill has a decent variety of steep blacks and blue runs. There are probably at least 6-7 runs that have a decent degree of difficulty and variety. The gondola is very efficient and can help to ease the impact of the cold when the temperature drops. The Panorama Express is a very fast chair lift and gives easy access to a variety of black runs. Since most runs are off the two main chairs on the south side, you can really rack-up the vertical. You can do at least 15 runs on a great day with 30,000 ft of vertical. Most runs seemed to be groomed on the two days we skied there.

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