Are You A Snow Addict? Where To Go Skiing In June

Mammoth Mountain Shane Summer Snowboarding

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For those of us rightly named ‘snow-addicts’, the warm weather of summer can lead to depression, anger, and frustration. The idea of giving up skiing or riding is sometimes just too painful to bear. Especially for this year! Is there a way to cure these doldrums? By going skiing in June! Of course, you could head to the southern hemisphere like Valle Nevado or even New Zealand to chase the powder but for most of us that is too much dough. With our fingers and toes crossed, we wanted to provide something to look forward to once we as a country defeat this virus – where to go skiing after Memorial Day! Of course this is all purely theoretical and depends on if the shelter-in-place orders and social distancing are relaxed over the coming months.


Ski Resorts Open After Memorial Day

Listed below are all resorts that are (normally) open through AT LEAST Memorial Day and give us a chance to go skiing in June. To make spring / summer skiing the most enjoyable check out our article to get some tips on how to combat sticky snow, what gear to bring, and much more:

Timberline Lodge

Average Prior Closing Date: Open through September for maintenance

where to ski in june Timberline Lodge Summer Skiing
Image Taken by: Tanner DeGiovanni

Are you a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? If you are, why not kill two birds and visit Timberline Lodge located on Mt. Hood. This famous lodge built during the depression by the WPA was used as the setting for the famous outdoor scenes in the Stanley Kubrick film. In addition to being a Hollywood star, it’s also THE most famous summer skiing destination on the planet. This ski area literally stays open all year round with only a few weeks closed in September for maintenance. Skiing/riding on the Palmer snow field in July while the rest of your friends are sitting at home cooking in the heat is a great option for a vacation. Mt. Hood is also home to the famous summer snowboard camp known as the High Cascade Snowboard Camp. This place is perfect for teenagers looking for fun Summer activities to help them improve their riding skill as well as the chance to ride with some of their idols.

where to ski in june Mt Hood summer
Image Taken by: Tanner DeGiovanni; Mt. Hood on a beautiful summer’s day

Mammoth Mountain

Average Prior Closing Date: At least through Memorial Day

where to ski in june summer skiing Mammoth Lakes
Nothing like spring skiing at Mammoth and drinking a Mammoth Brewing brew.

Even in a normal season, Mammoth Mountain continues their streak of being open as long as possible. On average winters, they stay open through AT LEAST July 4th. Combine that with the town of Mammoth Lakes offering amazing cuisine and things to do besides skiing like fishing or mountain biking, you got yourself a perfect spot to go skiing in June. And with cold nights followed by warm days, this resort has some of the best weather for corn skiing. Wondering what that is? Check out our article:


Beartooth Pass

Average Prior Closing Date: Memorial Day through early July

If the previous two choices seem a little tame for you then Beartooth Basin may fit your bill. A true Mom and Pop resort, this gem was started by people who live to ski/snowboard. The newest of all summer skiing destinations, this ski resort does not open until summer. Yup, that’s right! It doesn’t open UNTIL late May. Beartooth is designed for more adventurous folks looking for something that hasn’t been done before. Everything about this place is rugged like the beautiful state it lives in, Montana. With only a Poma lift to access ’the goods’, you will be forced to hike to get to some of the premier features available here. In addition to the resort, the mountains surrounding Beartooth Basin are the perfect backdrop for anyone looking to do a ton of summer ski-touring as well.

Whistler Blackcomb

Average Prior Closing Date: Blackcomb closes late May and glacier skiing runs early June through mid-July

where to ski in june Whistler Blackcomb valley
Image Taken by: Ruth Hartnup

Whistler Blackcomb is the epitome of all season fun. With a car free village, you’ll enjoy walking around to shop, eat, or hang out in the mountain bike park situated right in the middle. The bike park is filled with ridiculous natural terrain augmented by hand crafted jumps… there’s so much to try out and conquer in the mountain bike park you may never want to leave. Like the cherry on top of any respectable sundae, the glacier skiing at Whistler Blackcomb may be the best part of the journey. Of course, the ice cream is still darn good too! Similar to Mt. Hood, Whistler Blackcomb also has multiple summer camps which helps up-and-comers hone their skills and kill it the next season. 

For those of you wondering what happened to the legendary Camp of Champions check out our post: Ode to Camp of Champions – A Summer Camp for Freeskiers and Snowboarders is forced to call it Quits.

Squaw Valley

Average Prior Closing Date: At least through Memorial Day

Spring skiing fun with hot tub at Squaw Valley High Camp in Lake Tahoe California
Image appears courtesy: Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

The self-proclaimed “king of spring” always pushes the length of their ski season to the max every year. Depending on how BIG of a winter it was, they target at least for Memorial Day. And on big snow years like 2018-19 when they received more than 700 inches, they kept the lifts turning through July 4th. Although most of their lower elevation trails have melted out, this just expands the assortment of fun that can be had on a given day like mountain biking or even boating on Lake Tahoe.


Arapahoe Basin

Average Prior Closing Date: Early June

Arapahoe Basin Colorado A-Basin best spring skiing rail shredding
Spring Shredding Image taken by: Zach Dischner

A-Basin is #1 on our list for the best April skiing. This is because it’s less about the corn and more about skiing and snowboarding their packed powder. For the same reasons the snow stays so good late in the year, they can push the envelope to stay open. In effect, there have been years that they’ve been skiing in June and until July 4th. How is this possible? For starters, the steep Palivaccini terrain faces north meaning that the sun doesn’t directly hit it. Second, their trails range from 10,800′ to 13,050′ meaning that when they do receive precipitation even in June, there’s a good chance it’s going to come as snow. Come spring, the parking lot next to the Molly Hogan and Pallavicini lifts transforms into what is nicknamed the “Beach.” Why? Well, because the mountain is their ocean and the bank of flattened snow bordering the edge of Early Riser parking lot is the closest thing they have to a beach. While après-tailgating is not unique to Arapahoe Basin, it does set the precedent across ski country. Expect some of the best grilling, beer, music, and kicking-back with your ski posse you can find. If this isn’t on your bucket list to visit… it should be!

Are you excited yet about your Summer possibilities? We certainly hope so!

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