2022 Summer Skiing In Banff?!? That’s a BIG Yes This Year

2022 Summer Skiing Banff Image appears courtesy: Ski Big 3 - Banff Sunshine Village

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When it comes to one of the longest seasons in North America, Sunshine Village is always near or at the top of the list. That’s why they’re #5 on our best spring skiing resorts in the US / Canada. They start turning the lifts in November and shut down at the end of May… except for this year. They’re re-opening for skiing in June and possibly into July!

How Did This Happen?

This winter’s snowfall at Sunshine Village was BIG – over 350+ inches fell on the slopes. The last time they got this much snow was way back during the 1956-57 ski season. While it may not sound huge compared to places like Mt. Baker or Palisades Tahoe, they don’t get the huge temperature swings like these kings of snow do. What snow does fall doesn’t melt. And with a cold, snowy spring, this translated to a BIG snowpack all the way into June.

Have They Ever Skied In June?

Sunshine Village July 1991
Image appears courtesy: Ski Big 3 – Banff Sunshine Village

You would think a summer mecca like Banff wouldn’t have too many ski seasons that allowed skiing into June, and you would be right. In the 100-year history of the resort, this is only the SECOND time this has happened. The first time was back in 1991, which is more than three decades ago.

Celebrating Canada Day The Right Way

Summer skiing in Banff
Image appears courtesy: Ski Big 3 – Banff Sunshine Village

Working alongside Parks Canada, they used this unique meteorological phenomena to re-open the slopes starting today (June 28th). Their goal is to keep the lifts running through Canada Day on July 1st all the way until July 3rd. A select set of trails will be available to ski via Strawberry Express chairlift. And for those who just want to take in the views or go for a hike, the Standish Express chairlift will also be open for that as well. Tickets are $59. But anyone who’s pre-purchased their season pass for the 2023 ski season can ski this upcoming week for free.

If you’re anywhere near Banff we suggest you throw those skis into the back of the truck and head over because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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