One Hit Wonder? Nope… Two More Ski Areas Join The Independent Ski Pass Revolution!

aerial view of Eagle Point Resort in Utah Image appears courtesy: Indy Pass - Eagle Point Resort - Photo by: Jay Dash

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Resorts on the Epic & Ikon are like suburban neighborhoods. They provide a safe, easy, and beautiful place to ski at. While independent ski areas, on the other hand, are like the colorful urban neighborhoods. A patchwork of one-of-a kind experiences, funky ski chalets, and passionate locals that love their mountain or hill regardless of what other tells them. Luckily, there’s an awesome pass to experience these places: The Indy Pass, an independent ski pass! And as of today, you now have two more independent ski areas that you can explore.

What Is The Indy Pass?

Indy Pass Logo
Think of it like the True Value or Ace Hardware of season passes. Ski resorts are still independently owned but this season pass gives them the power to be competitive in the bigger resort market. As of today, there are now 68 resorts giving you over 132 days of skiing next winter. Here’s a list of a few of our favorites on the pass and a bit more info about what you get with it.

Who Are The Two Resorts?

We know, we know. You want to find out who are the two newest additions to this independent ski pass. They are:

Sundown Mountain

night skiing at Sundown Mountain
Image appears courtesy: Indy Pass – Sundown Mountain

I remember back in high school visiting this fun Midwest ski resort in Iowa. This gem overlooks about 100 square miles of countryside including the Mississippi River. Over the years, they’ve invested quite a bit of money into their snowmaking to make sure their season lasts as long as possible. One of the unique things is that you park at the top and ski down from there.

Eagle Point

powder skiing at Eagle Point Utah
Image appears courtesy: Indy Pass – Eagle Point Resort

The other one that’s been now added to the Indy Pass is Eagle Point. Although we haven’t had a chance to ski it ourselves, we’ve heard really good things about it. For starters, they receive an average of 400 inches of snow annually. Secondly, due to its southerly location in Utah, the visitors who frequent this ski area are from Las Vegas instead of SLC. This means MUCH smaller crowds. When it does snow, you’ll be able to sample the legendary snow without stress.

Spread The Love That’s The Indy Pass Way

Another reason we’re such big fans of the Indy Pass is the restriction of days at each resort. Compared to the classic season passes, this one gives you access to their portfolio of ski resorts for only TWO days a season. This ensures that visitors don’t just descend on one area all winter long but spread the love across all of them.

Not The First Addition Either For 2021-22

Back in February we were the 1st to announce the addition of Pomerelle Mountain and Soldier Mountain for the 2020-21 ski season. With a 725 percent increase in sales, this pass isn’t going away either. Instead, it’s a great alternative for those who want to get away from the crowds and experience interesting ski areas.

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